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On Dreams By Aristotle & J. I. Beare
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Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC) is one of most important philosophers of all time and remain a fountain of inspiration for modern thinkers.. His work included logic, physics, politics, metaphysics,... More > rhetoric and zoology, biology, poetic tragedy and ethics that are still relevant today. He also preferred to define things in more concrete and scientific manners and seemed to always have had explanations for everything around him. That is, he tried to reason things based on direct observations and cataloging of phenomenon. His views on dreaming are developed out of his concepts of mind and imagination, and his observation of how people deal with sleeping and waking. While awake we have the easy ability to distinguish between what is an external object and what is our imagined object. In sleep however this faculty disappears or is almost completely absent. This produces the sense of enormous reality we have in dreams, and the feeling that we are facing actual events and people.< Less

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