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Love's Seasons & Blossoms, Love's Fall & Leaves By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $10.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
Within these pages are nothing more than my true experiences of love, chases, pursuits, crushes, and fallings. A small little pinch of poems and romantic sayings, ramblings, texts, and notes given,... More > unappreciated, and innocent from a guy who is still currently looking for true love. Love blossoms so beautifully, the seasons the two of you share pass, and memories, trust and feelings should be invested upon, bonded and adhered, but sometimes those seasons pass and some new strange cold winds blow, sweeping whatever love you had...away. Love makes you fall for someone, like a leaf hewing down in slices, sure the swipes can keep it in the air, light and happy, but eventually, sometimes, that leaf hits the ground, and it leaves, love leaves sometimes.< Less
illinois' missing By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $11.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
Charlie, a lonely eleven-year-old boy leaves all his old friends back in the city and moves with his parents to the country and luckily he has just met new friends whom he had great times with all... More > summer long. At the end of that summer his friends turn up missing. Charlie is now a man and stumbles across clues found at a work party that takes place close to where he grew up. Taking an investigation into his own hands Charlie unravels the most horrific events in history. He finds the ultimate serial killer. He finds passages under the Mansion he'd been invited to for his job. In our country over one hundred thousand people go missing ever year. Where do they go?< Less
Trolling 101 By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $8.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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books are BORING. so i made one that isn't, full of images of my online statuses and stupidity, and many arguements with baldies or bullies. i outwit the meanest and most superficial people. if... More > you're a huge fake jerk, or if you think you're cool and clever, don't even think about trying to battle me, i type 100 words a minute, seen 10 psychiatrists, written hollywood films and played college sports. i have the mouth of a lion, the whippersnapper of a jock in the showers snapping his towel at your buns, and i have the hottest buns and pecs any woman has ever seen. i'm god's gift to all women, inside is a preview to my other romance/poem book 'loves seasons, loves blossoms, loves leaves', so you can see the sweet side of me too, although in my opinion, all my foolishness and mean humor is aimed at bullies who are out picking on weaker people, like gays, blacks and animals. i'm against all cruelties like a compassionate redneck loose with a big ole yapper. i'm an outspoken bigmouth but for good.< Less
Queefy Whispers from Becca's Sandy Vagina By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $6.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
Becca skips on a beach sunset with her lover Douglas, as they poop onto the sand, and dung beetles roll their feces around for ages, which is as long as the love between them.
Tomes of Tombs By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $8.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
Wound up in the linens of words, these trapped souls in their prisons of death, in their husks, are meant to be disinterred, or opened like a book, opened from the sarrcophogus to be finally read so... More > that their tortures can be made sense of. The first printing presses predates all history, unseen as spikes in the iron maidens with the letters stitching linen then sealing in blood, the words that the worlds masters have meant to long bury and hide, but keep and categorize.< Less
Ole' Wives' Tales By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $11.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
Four Wives are summoned to a mysterious castle for the reading of a will by their late husband, each having been married to him unbeknownst of each other. The Stipulations of the deceased as he... More > appears on a video monitor is for each of his wives to read a tale from ancient books put before them. Their late husband was an eccentric, scary butlers roam the castle, and just about every kind of exotic animal runs loose as his pets creating havoc and laughs and pauses of relief when each story is told and the scary book is closed shut. The four stories are all different and all dark, and the intermissions between each story is a story in itself. This is an unproduced screenplay.< Less
Clearings By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Clearings: when can hear unearthly things rustle the leaves, and see the slithering things displace the soils and sands, when something seems to be leaping, bounding, heavily breathing right behind... More > you getting closer and closer, only in the clearings can your nightmares dissolve away, only in the clearings where the foliage is intermittent and not dense enough in its protective canopy to allow the shine of the moon's protective glow, can you at least feel safe.< Less
Boathopper By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $11.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
A creature from the edge of time and space hits our oceans as a balled-up meteorite and terrorizes a cruise ship. It hops from boat to boat on the ocean and swallows people whole compacting them... More > inside its body. Its pelican-like jaw opens and shuts only at feeding time.< Less
The Thing From Another World By Andrew Patton
Paperback: $12.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
The I.S.I.,international science institute, stationed in Antarctica where scientists from all over the world work.The military devision is in charge of the oiling project, but they hit a snag, a... More > bluish contaminate in the oil is triggered by a halogen light, blowing up a section of the I.S.I.,killing a few people.During all this, Childs/MacReady had been rescued from another nearby camp. They both wake from their comas. Dr. Jens Carrington is suspicious of Childs the entire time. People are imitated by creatures and politics run amok. A team is sent to the location of the remains of a spaceship buried under the ice. The blue contaminate is fuel leaking from the ship hundreds of miles away. A team explores the interior of the spaceship where everything goes wrong.With no radio contact from storms,there is now a sabotaged power outage.Aliens are revealed and there is mass panic. The team from the spaceship fly back by copter escaping what happend on the ship, but with a new, glowing horror trailing behind them.< Less
Reflections in the Dark By Andrew Patton
Paperback: List Price: $23.36 $16.35 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of 12 scary stories. 12 scientific workings of the human and non-human condition. Tales to surely spark the neurons in your ordinary human minds, with electric shocks, or scrawling... More > gooseflesh swarming over the pores of your body in stampeding nightmares while you daydream at its pages or sleep remembering its startling nightmares.< Less

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