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Covenant of Silence- Limited Edition By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $28.90 $21.68 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
It’s the world’s oldest secret…… …and the world is about to find out Covenant of Silence
Covenant of Retribution By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $27.88 $19.52 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Peter Larner did not publish his first book until 2009, with the opening novel in the Jack Daly series of mystery thrillers. Lost in a Hurricane was followed by Deathbed Confessions and The... More > Unfolding Path. The fusion of actual and fictitious events used in Deathbed Confessions, also produced an utterly convincing storyline in the author’s historical novel Farewell Bright Star, an imaginative retelling of the first love and last days of the English poet John Keats as seen by his friend, the artist Joseph Severn. In 2013 a new collection of mysteries was created by the author. Covenant of Silence introduced forensic police officer Cally Boyce and her colleague, the ageing Detective Inspector Ashley Bertoni. The second in this thriller series is Covenant of Retribution, a story that establishes Boyce and Bertoni as an unlikely duo, but a force to be reckoned with.< Less
The Covenant Chronicles By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $42.08 $29.46 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Covenant Chronicles fuses The Covenant of Silence and The Covenant of Retribution into a single, chronologic story in three exciting parts. This new edition appeals to both new readers and those... More > who have already enjoyed either or both of the books.< Less
Along the margin-sand By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $25.10 $18.83 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
It is 1964, the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, the Boston strangler, the Beatles, and Cassius Clay. And, in a world caught up with daily news of war trials in West Germany, a bank robbery in... More > England and race riots in the USA, Peter Jackson, a 12-year-old boy, moves to France with his mother to start a new life after the sudden death of his father. His mother is determined to look to a new future and forget her past life in England, but the locals have other ideas. When a Jewish Nazi hunter arrives at the converted convent that Mrs Jackson bought, her two long term tenants have different reasons to be concerned and the past that she longed to leave behind, threatens to become Peter’s future. Saturn was the codename of an informer, working for the Germans in 1944. He, or she, betrayed the resistance fighters who were operating in Berck sur Mer in WW2. That betrayal cost the lives of five young men. Saturn was never identified.< Less
Deathbed Betrayal By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $28.61 $20.03 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
An old friend of the Daly family is murdered in a crowded Romford betting shop and yet there are no witnesses. The police are convinced that this is a vigilante killing of a paedophile and the only... More > way to prove them wrong is for Jack Daly to find out who killed Bernie Woolaston and why. The cold-blooded murder triggers a chain of events that takes Jack back to the east end of London – back to that perilous world where his life could be in danger if the wrong person finds out who he really is. Not everybody is who they seem in this fifth book in the Jack Daly series and, in a bloody and taunt ending, Jack comes face-to-face with his past. Deathbed Confessions is Peter Larner’s most popular novel and followers of the Jack Daly series of mysteries have waited eight years for the sequel. If you liked Deathbed Confessions, then you will love Deathbed Betrayal.< Less
One Christmas Past By Peter Larner
Hardcover: $21.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
Following a poor harvest, a young orphan boy is released from a life of servitude and sets off from a remote farm, not knowing what fate or fortune holds for him. His arrival at a small coastal... More > village coincides with two sudden and apparently accidental deaths. One Christmas Past is set in Essex and Havering, or East Seaxe and Haeferingas as they were then called. The year is 999, it is ten days before Christmas and a dark prophecy hangs over the land, for the abyss is to be opened and the devil released upon the world. Set in the dark ages, One Christmas Past is filled with beautifully crafted characters that would be at home in Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol. The engaging and impromptu manner of the narrator lends originality to a classic tale of intrigue and providence. FATE ISN'T SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT.< Less
Harpoon Force By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $25.71 $19.28 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Guardsman Jonjo Thompson, a foot soldier in the early days of war, finds himself behind enemy lines, with no support, little resources and on a mission so secret that even he won’t find out... More > what it is until he’s the last man standing. This is not just a story of heroism. It is a tribute to the innocent tractability and selfless courage of the ordinary soldier. Unexceptional men, made otherwise by exceptional circumstances. Churchill said: “Never give in; never, never, never.” This is the story of what happens when courageous men decide not to give in.< Less
The Jack Daly Trilogy By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $37.99 $28.49 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
For the first time, the first three books in the Jack Daly crime thriller series are available in one volume. Lost in a hurricane finds Jack in a web of political intrigue as he joins a strange... More > group of seemingly mad scientists intent on contolling the weather. Deathbed Confessions tells the story of two runaway brothers whose arrival in London erupts in violence. When their story resurfaces forty years later, Jack needs to discover what his late mother's involvement was. And, finally, the Unfolding Path, becomes personal as Jack faces his worst nightmare. When faced with a man who has nothing to lose Jack's Italian wife Ludo decides the only person to send is a man who has everything to lose.< Less
Sure Uncertainty By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $24.27 $18.20 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Anthony Burgess said that the virtue of historical fiction is its vice – the flatfooted affirmation of possibility as fact. It is possible that Shakespeare met Marlowe, as he does in Sure... More > Uncertainty. It is possible that Marlowe’s untimely death caused some of his unpublished plays to end up in the hands of Shakespeare. And it is true, strangely, that William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were born on exactly the same date. Is this a coincidence, or the reason why Will Shakespeare wants to avenge the murder of Kit and prevent Marlowe's godson from becoming involved in Catesby's plot to blow up Parliament? And yet, if the brutal killing of Marlowe was twelve years before the Gunpowder Plot, how else are these two incidents linked?< Less
Pawns By Peter Larner
Hardcover: List Price: $28.53 $19.97 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Set after the fall of the caliphate and in the wake of an unprecedented terrorist attack near the Tower of London, the head of SO15 receives contact from a sleeper agent long thought dead. It is... More > Halloween, the night of a new moon. Is it a trick or a treat? Is Housemartin still active, or is it a hoax? With resources stretched, two new recruits move into the former home of the agent to await his possible return. The pair soon realise that they need to find the link between Housemartin and the mysterious murder of a man on the night of the bombing – and they need to do it before the bombers strike again.< Less

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