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Commercial Mortgage Loans By Robert Trump
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The world of Commercial loans is more complicated than residential loans and you need to have the inside scoop. You need to have the education of what documents will be required and what you need to... More > do to prepare yourself in order to qualify for a Commercial Loan or refinancing your investment property. Some Examples:- Chapter 1 – Commercial Loans. Chapter 2 – Commercial Loan Refinancing. Chapter 4 – Signs of a good mortgage broker. Chapter 8 – Should you ever consider hard money business loans? Chapter 9 – The window is closing for Sub-prime Loans. Chapter 10 – Tips on getting a Commercial loan. Chapter 11 – What are FHA commercial loans? Chapter 13 – How to get a commercial mortgage today. The information that Robert gives can mean the difference of whether you secure a Commercial Loan. Read and study this material and build your case for the lender to want to provide you a great loan. Preparation is a big key in mortgage lending and the time spent pays big dividends.< Less
How to Improve Your 401K Plan By Robert Trump
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Learn how you can maximize your 401K with these secrets. Your retirement fund needs to last you the rest of your life.Are you prepared for Retirement? Have you sat in the breakroom at work and... More > listened to fellow workers tell how they have have put all their monies in a certain fund. Then some of your co-workers tell where they have theirs and you decide that you will do the same. That is far from being financially savvy.So where do you put your money in your 401K retirement plan? What are some of the secrets to making your retirement plan grow. Do not go with the fellow workers. Chances are they are just following someone else who doesn't understand investing.Become a student of your own investments and take your profits ad protect them as they come. Don't ever fall into the trap of greed or not paying attention to YOUR MONEY.Remember it is critical that you keep your gains and conserve your losses. A company sponsored is a gift that you need to nurture and preserve.< Less

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