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Sayings of Good Ole Barbados By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Sayings of Good Ole Barbados is A Bajan Dialect Edition that gives you the reader the proverbs exactly as it is spoken and pronounced by Barbadians. It is known by many who has visited the island of... More > Barbados that this dialect is very much unique as it usually takes some time to if not at all for persons visiting the island to understand. The old folks are really the ones who were fluent in the usage of these proverbs and the dialect as oppose to modern day Barbados where the European culture of speaking Standard English is being widely used and publicized.< Less
The Military Conspiracy By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $18.00
THE MILITARY CONSPIRACY is based on the Author Experience as a Soldier while serving as an Infantryman in the Barbados Defense Force. It shows comparisons between Africa, the Military, the European... More > Masonic Lodges and the African Lodges that are headed by the Europeans. Explained will be how Our Ancient Egyptian Ancestral way of life were stolen and clandestinely secreted into the Military. Read the shocking details and be amazed as to how much of the Egyptian Operative Builder’s Knowledge and Tools ended up in the Euro-Masonic Lodges as Speculative and much of the Practices of The Military as no credit was and is still not given to the Ones who started it all, The Africans. No more lies, no more half truths, FULL DISCLOSURE.< Less
The White Man & The Caucasus Mountains By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $9.99
For centuries the White man and his sister has been using the term ‘White’ when it relates to the identification of them. This term has been widely accepted but is not a term that is true... More > and exact. The question may be ask, what does the so called White man has to do with the Caucasus Mountains to which the answer to this question and more is being told on the inside. One thing is for sure and that is we have been led to believe a story that was well put together by the so called white man but not in its entirety because its all about to fall to pieces.< Less
The African Connection & The Secrets of Society Pt 2 By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $12.21
As was mention in Part One of The African Connection & the Secrets of Society, much of our African concepts were stolen by all types of invaders and taken back to the world and displayed as their... More > very own. What you will come to find out is that the Business Communities have been secretly using the African People documented Legacy and this Book sets out to prove it. There’s nothing under the Sun that the African People haven't already done or thought of as many who are of a disagreeable nature have set out to destroy or hide our African past. They use the realm of Satanism as a whole to gain power and control of your mind through Sigils, Anagrams, Acronyms and Phonemes, thus rendering your very thoughts, not your own.< Less
In God's Eyes By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $9.99
How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? Black Activists Nationalist Groups were formed to eradicate the injustices that were plaguing the Black Communities. These... More > Activists & Nationalist Groups were later killed off under a program that was created by FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover called the COUNTER INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM (COINTELPRO). The mandate of the COINTELPRO was to Prevent the coalition of Black Groups, prevent the long range growth of the Black community, Discredit Black leaders and Nationalist Groups and prevent the Rise of a Black Messiah who could unify and electrify the Black Community. Read and be amazed of the many stories where this secret FBI COINTELPRO was used on Black Activists and Black Nationalist Groups in order that the Status Quo remains unchanged.< Less
The African Connection & the Secrets of Society, Pt 1 By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $12.21
For some time now, the average African Woman and Man has been walking around oblivious to what's going on around them. Our African Culture, Gods, Deities, Way of life, Customs, Concepts, Symbols has... More > become lost in time because we have chosen to embrace all other culture except our own. The connection between Africa and Secret societies due exist and they have been playing us all along but what they never thought was that we as African people would figure it out. They have been living the African People lives all along and this you will read and be amazed at what you fail to observe and accept as yours that they have totally submerged themselves into.< Less
Old & Modern Barbadian Proverbs Volume 2 By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Old & Modern Barbadian Proverbs Volume 2 is another sweet compilation of Barbadian Proverbs that are very inspirational.
Old & Modern Barbadian Proverbs Volume 3 By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Old & Modern Barbadian Proverbs Volume 3 is as much inspirational as Volume 1 & 2. These Proverbs will add joy and hope to your life in many years to come.
Old & Modern Barbadian Proverbs, Special Edition, Volume 4 By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $14.00
Old & Modern Barbadian Proverbs, Special Edition, Volume 4, explains what most of the proverbs in Vol:1, 2 and 3 means. It gives you a clear idea without visiting Barbados as to how a part of the... More > culture is. These proverbs were used by the old folks of yesteryear and is still used today. Get a copy of this awesome book and be a part of a sweet heritage.< Less
Old & Modern Barbadian Proverbs Volume 1 By Nanya: `Agul El
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Old & Modern Barbadian Proverbs in its first volume is about Barbadian Sayings that were used by the now older folks of Barbados. These Sayings are very inspirational and fun to have at any point... More > of your day. Having these Proverbs or Sayings will be a plus in your life as it did for the now oldest generation of Barbados, so get yours now.< Less

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