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Father Time's Hope By Anita Shepherd
Paperback: $5.50
Ships in 3-5 business days
People used to make New Year’s resolutions every year as they wished upon a star with hope that something great will take place in the next year. And it was that hope that brought the... More > resolution to pass, kind of like magic! As people make their New Year’s resolutions, the resolutions become the sand in a special hourglass that Father Time watches over called the New Year Hourglass. Now, also in that sand is the magic from all the wonderful Holidays that Brad and Chad have helped to save. The magic in the hourglass then meets each hopeful resolution when it tips over at the start of the New Year and brings it to pass. But, what if no one made any New Year’s resolutions? What if there wasn’t enough to tip the New Year Hourglass on New Year’s Eve? Well, this story is about how not enough New Year’s resolutions were made and Father Time has called upon Brad and Chad to help. But this will also need assistance from all the Holiday characters. Let’s believe that nothing is impossible if there is hope in the heart.< Less
True Leprechaun Luck By Anita Shepherd
Paperback: $5.95
Ships in 3-5 business days
Do you believe in Leprechauns? What about lucky clovers? It’s believed that if you were able to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day and keep his lucky clover all day, then the clover... More > would return to the leprechaun as gold. Sound greedy? Well, actually this is what helps keep the luck coming every year on St. Patrick’s Day. The more people believe in the lucky clovers, the more gold for the leprechauns and more luck to give out! But what happens when people stop believing in the true luck of the leprechauns? There is less gold to be stored up each year, which means less luck. If there is no more luck, the leprechaun lose their role in St. Patrick’s Day and could mean the end of them all together. Can Brad and Chad help keep the luck going for one leprechaun who has lost his last piece of gold? Will their belief be enough to save all the true leprechaun luck? It’s another adventure for the Holiday Heroes!< Less
ScareBoo's Halloween Trick By Anita Shepherd
Paperback: $5.58
Ships in 3-5 business days
ScareBoo is a scarecrow with a pumpkin head that is carved as a jack-o-lantern. He is the protector of the pumpkin patch and guards it from the crows, who always try to get past him every year to eat... More > all the pumpkins. But ScareBoo performs a special trick that scares them away; however, he has been slowly losing his confidence because no one knows about him anymore...and the crows know it. If ScareBoo can’t perform his trick, the crows will have all the pumpkins they want and there will be none for anybody else. This also means that Holiday Management will close down his post forever. This story is about Brad and Chad, who once again find themselves helping a holiday character in need. But how can they help someone whom they have never heard of? Can they help ScareBoo regain his confidence in the midst of fear? Maybe, with a little Trick or Treat magic, Brad and Chad can keep ScareBoo from giving up on himself and save his post as protector of the pumpkin patch!< Less
Easter Rabbit's Magic By Anita Shepherd
Paperback: $5.55
Ships in 3-5 business days
Easter has always been a wonderful time, and Mr. Easter Rabbit was always excited to play his part. When he was gifted with magical feet, it was his duty to ensure each person received one special... More > egg. However, people got tired of just one special egg and the desire for quantity rather than quality became the highlight of the holiday. Slowly, Mr. Rabbit began to lose the magic in his feet that allowed him to place the special eggs. Holiday Management was going to retire Mr. Rabbit, but decided to make one last effort to save his position. They took what magic was left in his feet and placed it in a lucky rabbit’s foot. Mr. Rabbit was told that if someone could ever be truly happy with one special egg again, his magic would be restored. In order to accomplish this task, he set out to seek the help from some special people – Brad and Chad. Now, mind you, they weren’t planning on becoming heroes again. Needless to say, their Easter just became a little more interesting – and magical!< Less
The Santa Genie By Anita Shepherd
Paperback: $5.63
Ships in 3-5 business days
Christmas had become nothing more than an excuse for people to get what they wanted. Good or bad, it became a very selfish holiday. The use for Santa Claus became less and less because everyone's... More > "wishes" had become non-heartfelt demands. Holiday Management decided to shut down the North Pole and provided Santa with a new home, a Genie Lamp. The only way Santa can be restored to the North Pole, was for someone to come along and make a true heartfelt wish. This is the story of how two young men have the chance to save Christmas, or will their own selfish demands get in the way?< Less

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