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A Colorful and Symmetrical Origin for the Genetic Code By Javier Ruiz Garcia
eBook (ePub): $4.99
An introduction to the Molecular Language Recent studies of the Yupana (Inca abacus) mathematical structure have revealed an isomorphic relationship between the Yupana and the genetic code. Based on... More > detailed mathematical logic, this study promises to open new pathways for genetic research, epigenetics and bioinformatics. This system of understanding can be used to predict genetic structure, therefore would help to comprehend the complex molecular language.< Less
The Genesis of DNA - Genetic Oracle By Javier Ruiz Garcia
eBook (ePub): $7.99
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The Logical Selection Theory The Genetic Code Decoded – BIOTERNIONS PREMIER Understanding the principles of molecular computing with the application of the Genesis Table. Most models of the... More > origin of life suggest nucleotides developed from environmentally available organic compounds. In this case the amino acids first developed from Logical Selection rather than Darwin’s Natural Selection. In this paper the Bioternions in analogy to the quaternions, are represented as members of a non commutative molecular (chromosomal) algebra, which was extrapolated from the Yupana’s RNA codon table and related correspondence. Also we describe a novel methodology to extract permutation characteristics from codon structures using special matrix algebra in order to compose structural signature vectors which may be used efficiently to generate, compare and classify aminoacid structures into Bioternion families. In this study you’ll learn how the biomolecular structure and codon dynamics was derived from the Genesis Table.< Less
La Delusion Dialectica By Javier Ruiz Garcia
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Una introducción a la Lógica Tetralectica mediante el análisis de: Los Misterios de la Ciencia El Biocentrismo El Monstruo de Simetría El Código Genético La... More > Sabiduría Ancestral La Yupana Incaica La Tiwanakología< Less