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This book is a great opportunity for people looking for new business to find a fertile land for prosperity and to generate jobs for youth in Haiti and also Liberty City florida. Agriculture and... More > Agribusiness is the great potential for these poor communities. After visiting Haitian land, my Agronomist background has been put to work in this book developing a great new opportunity for all people; so money, logistic, market and consumers are here ready Just we need start working 100% I give everyone the knowhow initiating from the scraps but in the right way and this right way is the cooperative system where all members become essencial elements for to build the organization does not matter their economic situation just is critical his work potential and performance at all. HAITI WILL BE LEADERSHIP AGAIN FOR DEFEAT THE WORLDWIDE POVERTY Visit the blog Yes we can do it thanks to you!< Less
Cooperative pou Agrikilti òganik By LUIS AVILES
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There are one billion of people starving in the world however the most ironic is when see the scenery where they living; most the cases they have a green landscape plenty of natural resources capable... More > to feed them; but they ignore about Agronomy, how can vegetables be used for to obtain economic benefices. In 2013 I visited the most hungry people in the world I had learned about this touchy country but my surprise was huge when I saw fertile massive lands and clean rivers just in the place were the human beings suffer extreme poverty and famine. My conclusion is that poverty is a politic imposition and a culture developed for centuries; here today you will have the option for change your situation, you will decide if to keep sorrow your unfortunate life or start taking action; join your work capacity to generate productivity since the scraps and hostile conditions and defies. Cooperative is the gateway for prosperity and now is ready for you in Torbeck HAITI with headquarter in Miami Florida.< Less
Sunrise for U.S. ghettos throughout Immigration Reform By LUIS AVILES
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Immigration reform could be a great opportunity for push poor ghettos in United States to prosperity and better quality of life. Using 12 million of illegal Immigrants as engine for recover the... More > economy and homogenize our society. Hispanics are big consumers and also our geographic commercial partners. However our main problem is the culture not the language. Latin America region since 521 years ago was ruled by slavery system. making rich richest and poor poorest. today the slavery is mental and we can call "Cultural Patterns" this is the huge difference that make North America prosperous and Latin America poverty. We can change for better the entire American hemisphere if we put dramatic and crucial changes on immigrant population going beyond our borders extending through hispanic community our freedom,democracy and values. We are the leadership nation and ghettos is ashame. the system keep it like a new way for slavery where the chains are the drugs and facilitate highest levels of corruption.< Less
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Este libro dedicado a los inmigrantes que realizaron la mayor decision de sus vidas. Resolver la Miseria de latinoamerica por siglos, 520 años han pasado desde que se destruyo nuestra... More > cultura,nos impusieron leyes que al pasar del tiempo adoptamos como "patron cultural" lo hemos transmitido de generacion en generacion y es lo que nos impide desarrollar nos mutilaron el espiritu de aventura de exploracion y de cambio. Todo lo dificil y que representa inseguridad se lo dejamos a Dios. hacemos siempre lo mismo elegimos siempre los mismos y esperamos con FE resultados diferentes. Estamos encadenados a los dogmas religiosos y filosofias politicas ya caducadas en el mundo. acusamos al capitalismo de todos nuestros males, venimos al pais del capitalismo y nos sentimos igual de victimas,discriminados pero no nos adaptamos ni somos parte de esta cultura,nos autosegregamos pero exigimos derechos sin obligaciones. Mientras nos lementamos los Asiaticos aprovechan las oportunidades del capitalismo "salvaje".< Less
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Más de 500 años han pasado y los Mayas,Aztecas e Incas aún están atrapados en las cadenas mentales y físicas de la esclavitud. El "patrón cultural"... More > nos mutila el espíritu de superación, de libertad y el deseo de soñar. Guatemala Gracias a Dios despertó en el 2015 y logró romper esas cadenas;Nos hacemos más Fuertes con cada batalla enfrentada. Tenemos también el reto de los inmigrantes, Es la otra Guatemala. Millones de guatemaltecos hacen grande Estados Unidos con su trabajo. Pero esa fuerza laboral hace falta en nuestra nacion. Este libro brinda informacion, ayuda a expander la mente y muestra el camino para rescatar nuestra patria y hacer prosperidad para todos. Si eres Centroamericano o Mexicano estamos en la misma situacion y esta lectura es positiva para tus decisiones politicas y personales.< Less

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