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Publisher By Ashok Yakkaldevi
eBook (ePub): $8.99
According to Pithagoras philosophy is the highest music. According to the Jod C.E.M., philosophy is the record of the Soil’s adventure in the cosmos.(Pragat shaikshnik Tatwanyan /- Dr.... More > Dunakhe) There is devotion of India is significant on the world-level. Indian philosophy appears through four Vedas, six sciences, eighteen puranas , Upanishadas & Darsans like Jain Boudha etc. Vedic literature is situated at four stages. 1 Samhita 2 Brahmin 3 Aranyaka 4 Upanishads There are above three hundreds Upanishads are available. However, Shankaracharya had described few of them. Therefore, they are specially valued. Their names are- 1. Ishopanishad 2. Kenopanishad 3. Kathopanishad 4. Prashnopanishad 5. Mundakopanishad 6. Mandukyopanishad 7. Taittariyopanishad 8. Chandogyopanishad 9. Aitariyopanishad 10. Brihadaranykopanishad< Less
Library Information Science & Technology for Information Society By Ashok Yakkaldevi & Satyaprakash Singh
Paperback: $18.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Libraries have been the repositories of knowledge for hundreds of years. Libraries of today need to make major changes in their operations and means to make information and knowledge available to... More > uses in practically no-time. The world is moving rapidly towards the model of digital libraries. Big nations like India need to be at the forefront of this revolution. The digital libraries of tomorrow provide wide opportunities for access to knowledge, efficient retrieval, and avenues for taking libraries far beyond the buildings and structures where these are housed. Digitization of libraries makes it possible to read material that may physically be housed thousands of kilometers away.< Less
Library Automation By Ashok Yakkaldevi & Pradipkumar Ghante
Paperback: $20.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
The edited book entitled “Library Automation” seeks to cover the key issues and essential aspects involving emerging trends, technologies, tools and ICT applications in Library and... More > Information Science profession. The book is likely to prove to be a valuable source in expanding the body and avenues of Library and Information Science literature by covering a wide range of topics affecting the profession and the field at large. The book is also likely to provide readers with an essential resource providing the latest research in Library and Information Science, development and innovative technologies. In the broader context of the proposed book and keeping in view its greatest impact and relevance to the profession.< Less
Library Information, Information Science, Information Society By Ashok Yakkaldevi & Senthur Velmurugan
Paperback: $16.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This text is addressed to the practicing librarian and other information professionals who need to conduct research and publish. It also is designed to the benefit to the graduate library and... More > information science student. The update of their reference work has been made possible thanks to the cooperation and contribution of numerous institutions and individuals all over the India. The present volumes include most of the keynote and contributed papers that were presented at the library information, information science and information society. The book covers a wide variety of themes such as laws of library science, library resources sharing networks, intellectual property right, library and information policy at national level, library management and library legislation in indirect. These papers come from all over the India and referred to every kind of libraries, so the book helps the reader to have a holistic view on the subject.< Less
Human Resource Management By Ashok Yakkaldevi & Pushkar Dubey
Paperback: $10.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
The entire work has been presented in ten different chapters. Effort has been made to present each topic in simple and understandable means for the readers. Topic under coverage includes Introduction... More > to Human Resource Management, Human Resource planning and Job analysis, Selection process, Induction, Training and Development, Performance appraisal, exit policy and potential assessment, Job evaluation, Wage administration, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Development. Suggestions, reviews, comments and observations from the readers are most welcome.< Less

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