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ACO ~ Ascension Center Organization By Theresa J Morris
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ACO~Ascension Center Organization by founder TJ co-creator design and reincarnation for the soul. Former Military DOD, USN,Former Investigator,Reporter, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker.Now TJ Morris ET... More > Radio Host, ACIR Contractor as Pres/CEO of TJ Morris ACO ~Ascension Center Organization-ACO Annual Conventions International Import & Export Trade. TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club,ACE FOLKLIFE Historical Society of Archivists and Researchers, Lightworkers and Truthseekers, TJ Morris Publishing-Timely Manor Books, Public Relations, Associate Guides, Social Entrepreneurs,Goodwill Ambassadors in ACIR. American Culture International Relations. Ambassador of Goodwill for ACIR. Interested in sustainability and accountability of the ACIR, ACE FOLKLIFE, ASCENSION CENTER, Planet Information and WIN as World Information Network. ET Information investigation experiences-Alien Contact Investigations Research Resource Reference Book of History & Future being re-written as Ascension Age< Less
Avatar Oracle Xeno Guide By Theresa J Morris
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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A woman ET Contactee shares information that was part of her spiritual path. The Book becomes her book of shadows to remember how that of the past may haunt the future based on information kept for... More > future reference that was life changing.< Less
Pcychic Connection to ET TJ By Theresa J Morris
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We Share Sustainability of Both Planet & Species. We promote art, culture, education, science, technology, history, folklife, and social justice. We share in the Ascension Universal Life Global... More > Citizenry with promoting education and awareness of holistic health, natural healing, conscious living, and spirituality. Our purpose and mission is to be of service to others in ascension age awakened awareness. We are groups with similar interests who are connecting and co-creating with people, places, and things. We share in the global consciousness and offer a gathering of kindred spirits of the social paranormal kind while observing the body-mind-spirit experiencing the birth-life-death process together. We represent and share public relations efforts in holistic and alternative healing modalities, services and products for wellbeing of the body-mind-spirit.TJ is a metaphysical minister and life coach.< Less
Ascension Age Sustainability By Theresa J Morris
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Ascension Age Critical Mass Mind - Collective Consciousness If we now know that 99.99% of our reality is an illusion, how do we foresee our future? The Alien ET UFO Community is now a part of the... More > future expansion in our new space-time anomaly we call life on planet earth. The fact that we are all here using our own individual human consciousness makes us something more than our own most intelligent beings of our humanoid sentient intelligent being species can figure out. ACE FOLKLIFE – ASCENSION AGE –2012 ASCENSION CENTER SPIRITUAL SCIENCE ENLIGHTENMENT & NEW AGE BOOKS Changes accepted in the new way of traditional culture cosmology magick Blogs TJ Thurmond Morris New Age history body-mind-spirit< Less