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The Prodigal By Atlas Brookings
eBook (PDF): $40.00
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The Prodigal was written with the sole intention of demonstrating the value of one misunderstood and much maligned method, and offers glimpses of masterworks that can be built with it. It offers a... More > true demonstration of pure mental powers - void of pencils, scraps of paper, envelopes, gimmicks, or any of the accompanying apparatus that walk hand-in-hand with other effects and immediately serve to trigger skeptical reactions in our audiences - suspicious that they are being deceived, just unsure as to how. The Prodigal examines the method by which you can create pure, direct mind reading - miracles that can be performed whilst in a straight jacket, with no props at all if you so choose. This book offers ideas for performing impressive ungaffed book tests, and outlines a means by which actions taken hundreds of miles away can be accurately revealed. Better than all this - it establishes a creative platform upon which you can expand and create your own distinctive feats!"< Less
'The Real Thing' Book Test By Atlas Brookings
Paperback: $37.95
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This is a book test that was created to work with both "The Real Thing" by Atlas Brookings AND "Thought Association Card" by Steve Yachanin. You should NOT purchase this book... More > unless you own these texts. "The Real Thing" can be purchased at: "Thought Association Card" can be purchased at: This book test should allow you to involve up to three people, asking two to find a word in the book and the third to find a name. You make associations with two of the participants, revealing their final thought. With the third, you ask them to think of their word, then close the book, and freely choose a different word. You can then reveal the word they are NOW thinking of.< Less