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The Mortimer Bloom By Blair Edgar
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Paul Barclay’s story continues. Six years from the end of Le Morte d’Mortimer, Jack Hammond persuades Paul to return to London where he meets up with Joseph and Aaron, the mysterious... More > agent Esther Fanning and two Hollywood movie makers. Under Fanning’s management Literary, Theatrical and Movie successes have made them all incredibly rich. On a visit to Cambridge Joseph begins to unveil parts of his life hitherto unknown to Paul. The reappearance of McArthur, sparks off further mystery. Paul moves on to Amsterdam to meet up with Jack Hammond and finds himself managed and manipulated by the Rosenblum organisation. From Hammond he learns the secrets of Mortimer’s prized icon of the Blue Madonna. They also encounter the secretive International Art market. Their journey, driven by the mystery of all the Mortimer connections, takes them from Amsterdam to the Blair Edgar has woven a net of intrigue and changing interpersonal relations in which his characters are all trapped as the story unfolds.< Less
Le Morte d'Mortimer By Blair Edgar
Paperback: List Price: $25.24 $22.72 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Le Morte d’Mortimer is an intriguing blend of fact and fiction, leading to mystery. When Paul Barclay is commissioned to write a newspaper feature about Arthur Mortimer, a chain of events... More > is triggered that changes the lives of all the key characters. In unveiling Mortimer he discovers the events that have surrounded the life of a remarkable old man. At first uncertain as to whether or not there is a story at all, Barclay is drawn into a world that involves intellectual game playing, discoveries, twists and turns. Blair Edgar has put together an intriguing cast of high powered highly intelligent characters that gather around Mortimer in a story filled with constant surprises, wit and wisdom. The dialogue is loaded with imagery that evokes the life of an extraordinary old man and those who surround him.< Less
Mortimer's Last Gift By Blair Edgar
Paperback: List Price: $33.24 $29.92 | You Save: 10%
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Thirteen years after being drawn into the Mortimer network, Paul Barclay buys a house on the Island of Thirasia at Santorini, which is joined by a terrace to that owned by Joseph. Paul and Joseph... More > plan books and the dark stranger Chris Patsos steps into their story. Hammond is working obsessively for the Mortimer Foundation in London and managing Antonio (Tony), the baby from Book One, into a Ballet career Paul burns to write a new book. He leaves London, and returns to Thirasia where he can write and work on a TV series with Joseph, who is in the throes of creating a new monster best seller. Holes have appeared in all their lives, work is there salvation. Aaron provides the solution to Tony’s problem. Hammond arrives at Thirasia and they all await the arrival of Avalon, Rosenblum’s yacht which is taking him to his death. Blair Edgar has taken a scalpel to all his characters. Each one is opened up, the defences ripped away, long hidden truths begin to emerge at last.< Less
The Emperor's Whore By Blair Edgar
Paperback: List Price: $20.25 $18.23 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The final novel in the Mortimer Quartet rounds the story out. Paul has had another major historical success with The White Hart a novel about Richard the Second. Joseph is working on the story... More > of Antinous the boy lover of the Emperor Hadrian. Egged on by Chris Patsos, Joseph struggles to find a unique way into the Antinous story, Paul receives a mysterious present from Esther Fanning. All along this has been Paul Barclay’s story and he finally sees the overall picture that has ruled his life for fourteen years. It is in the final story The Emperor’s Whore that he understands the power, the games and manipulation that have made both he and Joseph so immensely wealthy. The Mortimer Quartet is an extraordinary journey through the lives of a close knit group of people whose aim was domination, promoting the ones they chose, and the accruing of money and power.< Less

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