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Eye Floaters and Flashes: Causes and Treatments By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
01. What are Eye Floaters? | 02. Vitreous Humor | 03. Eye Floaters: Causes | 04. Three Special Conditions | 05. Measurement of Visual Acuity | 06. Eye Floaters: Treatments | 07. Treatment -- (A).... More > Diet | 08. Treatment -- (B). Eye Exercises | 09. Treatment -- (C). Vitamins | 10. Treatment -- (D). Minerals | 11. Treatment -- (E). Supplements | 12. Treatment -- (F). Control Your BP | 13. Treatment -- (G). Control Your Sugar | 14. Treatment -- (H). Proper Hydration | 15. Treatment -- (I). What to Avoid? | 16. Treatment -- (J). Other Remedies | 17. Treatment -- (K). Surgery | 18. Eye Floaters: A True Case | 19. Best Eye Hospitals | 20. Useful Facts | 21. References< Less
English Modal Auxiliary Verbs: May, Might, Can, Could, Will, Would, Shall, Should, Must, Need By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
English modal auxiliary verbs - may, might, can, could, will, would, shall, should, must, need, used(to), ought(to), dare | different patterns and examples | may and might are used to express-... More > possibility, compulsion, obligation, probability (in present and future) | can, could are used to express- ability, probability, possibility, suggestion, request, condition | will, would are used to express- action in future, present habit, compulsion, obligation | shall, should are used to express- action in future, suggestion, surprise, importance or purpose | need is used to express necessity | used(to) is used to express- past habit | ought(to) is used to express- probability, recommendation, obligation, advise | dare is used to express– be brave enough to< Less
English Conditional Sentences: Past, Present, Future; Real, Unreal Conditionals By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Conditional sentences– conditional in English grammar | English conditional sentence- formation, structure, pattern | real and unreal conditional sentences | if clause | present conditionals-... More > (i) present real conditional sentences (ii) present unreal conditional sentences | past conditionals- (i) past real conditional sentences (ii) past unreal conditional sentences | future conditionals- (i) future real conditional sentences, (ii) future unreal conditional sentences | continuous forms of conditional sentences, mixed conditional sentences | use of were to, 'special force' - conditional sentences, conditional- wish, miscellaneous usage- as though, as if, even if, only if, unless, happen, provided that, otherwise, or else | more than 500 conditional sentences | get fluent with conditional sentences | complete guide for English conditional sentences< Less
Remarks In English Language: Grammar Rules By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
1. Agreeing Or Disagreeing In English - A. Agreeing In English; B. Disagreeing In English | 2. Agreements and Disagreements With Statements -- A. Affirmative Addition to Affirmative Remarks... More > (Agreement with Affirmative Remarks); B. Negative Addition to Negative Remarks (Agreement with Negative Remarks); C. Negative Addition to Affirmative Remarks (Disagreement with Affirmative Remarks); D. Affirmative Addition to Negative Remarks (Disagreement with Negative Remarks)| Exercises< Less
Repetition of Words: Emphasize Your Thoughts By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
What is “repetition of words”? - repeating of a word, within a sentence in order to provide emphasis. This book covers the following topics: | structure (1)- word + and + word |... More > structure (2)- comparative + and + comparative | structure (3)- word + after + word | structure (4)- word + by + word | structure (5)- word + to + word | structure (6)- word + on/upon + word | structure (7)- word + against/of/for/in/with + word | structure (8)- the more, less, etc…, the more, less, etc… | structure (9)- Combination of the Same Words | structure (10)- repetition of various words | structure (11)- repetition of words more than once | structure (12)- repetition of ‘group of words’ | structure (13)- repetition of ‘two different words” | structure (14)- miscellaneous patterns | exercises | sample this - he tried and tried so many ways. They played and played cards all night. I shuddered and shuddered seeing the lion. Workers dug and dug the road.< Less
Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound Complex Sentences - English Sentence Forms By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Sentence forms in English language - simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence, compound-complex sentence | phrases and clauses | independent or principal clause (main clause), dependent... More > or subordinate clause | list of important coordinators for compound sentences | list of important subordinators for complex sentences | double and multiple sentences | definition and examples of simple, compound and complex sentences< Less
Ending Sentences With Prepositions: Useful Tips By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $0.99
A big myth | list of prepositions | when to end a sentence with a preposition | situation – 01 - interrogative sentences | situation – 02 - passive voice sentences | situation – 03... More > - infinitive structures | situation – 04 - relative clauses | situation – 05 - phrasal verbs | how to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition | option – 01 - restructuring the sentence | option – 02 - using a different word | avoid unnecessary use of prepositions | additional examples | exercises: 1(a) and 1(b) | exercises: 2(a) and 2(b) || Sample This: Ending a Sentence with a Preposition - ABOUT -- Her success is all everybody in the town is talking about. How did the company come about? How did this all come about? I do not know which video you are talking about. There are many healthcare centers worth talking about. This is the player I told you about. This is what the fight is about. What are all these girls doing about? What are you thinking about? What did you want to read about? What do they want to talk about?< Less
Dictionary of Literary Words: Vocabulary Building By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
‘Literary words’ are associated with literature. | ‘Literary words’ are typical of a work of literature and imaginative writing. | ‘Literary words’ are used with a... More > particular meaning, in narrative, drama, poetry and other writing in a literary manner | This book has been divided into three sections: Section 01: Common Literary Words; Section 02: Figurative Use of the Words; Section 03: Glossary of Literary Terms | Sample This: Literary Words -- A- abode [noun] -- the place where you live; home | access [noun] -- an outburst of an emotion | adamantine [adjective] -- extremely strong; impossible to break or smash | adieu [interjection] -- goodbye/farewell | afar [adverb] -- at a distance | affections [noun] -- feelings of love, care, etc. | afterglow [noun] -- the light in the sky after sunset; ageless [adjective] -- never coming to an end or growing old; everlasting | agleam [adjective] -- shining strongly; full of light< Less
Dictionary of Prefixes and Suffixes: Useful English Affixes By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
PREFIX- A letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word to get a new word with a changed meaning-- im- in impossible | SUFFIX- A letter or group of letters added to the end of a word to... More > get a new word with a changed meaning-- -ness in quickness | List of Useful Prefixes and Suffixes | Sample This: Prefix-- anti- Used to form: adjectives and nouns; Meaning: against; the opposite of; preventing-- Examples: anti-aircraft / anti-bacterial / antibiotic / antibody / anticlerical / anticlimax / anticlockwise / anticoagulant / anti-competitive / anti-corruption / anticyclone / antidepressant / anti-encroachment / antifreeze / anti-globalization / anti-graft / antigravity / anti-hate / anti-hero / anti-liquor / anti-lock / anti-national / antioxidant / antiparticle / anti-people / anti-personnel / anti-poaching / antipyretic / antiretroviral / anti-rowdy / anti-sabotage / antiseptic / antisocial / anti-stalking / antitank / anti-terror / antitrust / antiviral / antivirus< Less
Learn English Superfast: Mega Volume By Manik Joshi
eBook (ePub): $18.99
CHAPTERS- 1. How to Start a Sentence 2. Interrogative Sentences 3. Imperative Sentences 4. Negative Forms in English 5. Learn English Exclamations 6. Causative Sentences 7. Conditional Sentences 8.... More > Creating Long Sentences in English 9. How to Use Numbers in Conversation 10. Making Comparisons in English 11. Examples of English Correlatives 12. Interchange of Active and Passive Voice 13. Repetition of Words 14. Remarks in English Language 15. Using Tenses in English 16. English Grammar- Am, Is, Are, Was, Were 17. English Grammar- Do, Does, Did 18. English Grammar- Have, Has, Had 19. English Grammar- Be and Have 20. English Modal Auxiliary Verbs 21. Direct and Indirect Speech 22. Get- Popular English Verb 23. Ending Sentences with Prepositions 24. Popular Sentences in English 25. Common English Sentences 26. Daily Use English Sentences 27. Speak English Sentences Everyday 28. Popular English Idioms and Phrases 29. Common English Phrases 30. Daily English- Important Notes< Less