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Gold By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.67
IN 1940 AND 1941 the United Kingdom was at war with Germany and no one in the world would help. The British expecting to be overrun by Germany shipped out their total empire wealth in Gold and... More > securities to Canada some 750 to 3000 tons of gold, jewels and securities and paintings etc. They also took many of the treasures of the notable families. However this hoard that was at first protected by 200 Canadian mounted police for four years until the end of the war was found to be missing when the boxes were opened in 1945/6 and the canadians had been guarding only metal and packages of no value. The British never ever found their treasure and the Canadians stated that they had no knowledge of the switch. The USA however was not keen on the British regaining their treasure at the end of the war. This tale although fictional is founded on the events that took place and the present location of this vast wealth.< Less
The Bermuda Analysis By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.67
This book has been written due to the findings in my first book The Bermuda Unsolved. I spent two years in Bermuda researching the subject of lost planes and ships. I came to the conclusion that the... More > losses were real and due to an alien presence that was here to collect power from the deep oceaan trenches. I then having written the book The Bermuda Unsolved wrote this one The Bermuda Analysis that explains the activities of the aliens and their world wide presence including the Dragons Triangle off Japan. I then explored all the related subjects and the writers and found an exceptional amount of for want of a better word national involment. The last great tradgedy was flight 447 out of Brazil the only country in the world that actually askes the public for assistance in this matter. This book explains why and identifies for the first time the alien and the methods to contact it. The final book in this series will be The Bermuda Proof that deals with the misinformation fed by the authorities.< Less
Bermuda Proof By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.22
This book explains the possible reason for the loss of planes from the French one out of Brazil flight Air France 447 and Air Malaysia to China flight MH370 to the latest loss in Africa. It gives an... More > explanation regarding the possible reason that the authorities are so far from the truth and suggest methods of analysing the latest commercial plane losses. It also describes many methods of analysing ghost and other sightings including a considerable amount about alien abductions. The UFO storey is also discussed in depth this book is one of three books on these subjects Bermuda Unsolved, Bermuda Analysis being the other two. The author lived for two years in Bermuda and during this time carried out considerable research, he also worked world wide and much of his experience is written into the book.< Less
BERMUDA UNSOLVED By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.42
This book is about the French flight 447 out of Brazil and its connection with the Bermuda Triangle. It covers the Bermuda Triangle losses in a very differnt way and is the first of a series of books... More > being written to prove that the losses are real and that they will continue. The book also deals with that other great mistery the Dragons Triangle off the coast of Japan.The method of analysis is based on scientific ideas and the author has spent several years both in Bermuda and in the Far East as well as in the Bahamas. The auther is a qualified degree engineer who has constructed very large building projects world wide and has several issues with the present methods used by authors in determining the reality and causes of the Bermuda type losses.The auther believes that there will be another plane lost similar to flight 447 in the near future.< Less
Flight 221 By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.21
This book tells the story of the search by two detectives for the truth regarding UFO's and the possible alien life now present on earth. It is based upon the research from three books Bermuda... More > Unsolved, Bermuda analysis and Bermuda Proof. The book is set in the present and allows the reader to become more than just a spectator of catastrophic occurrences but also one who is able,as far as is possible, to predict future events.< Less
Destruction By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.46
This is a detective novel set on a world wide stage with two experienced detectives leading a scientific group on a quest to understand the strange activities taking place world wide which include... More > climate change and air accidents amongst other events. The setting is modern day and gives a different prospective on the extraordinary events that have taken place from the Brazilian air crash to the Malaysian air disaster and such events as earth quakes and climate change which at this moment are taking place world wide. The setting includes abductions and murder and the two London detectives lead a well organised scientific team that is requested to solve these very strange and chilling events.< Less
The International Construction Consultant By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.64
This book provides the reader with information on how to be a quality control international construction manager. The book covers projects and specifications in Europe, Africa, The Middle and Far... More > East and the Caribbean. The juist of this book is how to present oneself for interviews for overseas jobs and how to be the only expat one requires on the project. The book includes numerous BS and EN specifications that can help one to find the required specification on most of the subjects that one is likely to be in control of. It also discusses the training requirements for new quality control managers who are already degree qualified and discusses the activitiers of the quality control manager managing a department on one of the talest high rise buildings in the world. The book also gives numerous methods that have actually been employed and discusses the failures of many on site activities.It also discusses the roll of the Clerk of works and the computers use on site.< Less
Low Cost Quality Housing By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.39
Low cost quality houses; dealing with design methods; estimating and budgets. The book includes some aspects of hurricane and earthquake design. Planning methods and construction documents together... More > with the importance of the building regulations. The book is primarily written for students of construction; contractors and those who have the intention of self design and construction. The author has worked on projects in Africa, the Middle and Far East as well as Europe and the Caribbean as a construction project manager, consultant and senior estimator and this work is from personal experience. The book is written as a guide for those researching to improve their knowledge of this important subject.< Less
The International Construction Project Manager By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $8.98
This book is written to explain the responsibilities and problems experianced by the international construction project manager in the Far East, Middle East, Africa , The caribbean and Europe. using... More > real projects as the source of information. The methods of estimating, planning, quality control and mangement when taking projects from construction difficulties to production success are explained. The projects the author explains are those the author managed or was part of the management team or consultancy.< Less
Science Easy Reading By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.30
A science book that explains physics in detail and written to be enjoyed by young and old alike. For parents who wish to be involved in their children's science subjects. An easy read that allows one... More > to pick and choose what and where to read and a scientific hand book containing the most relevant facts which will lead one in the selection of further important reading matter. A book that provides the names of the great scientific minds and their agreements and disagreements in their search for the scientific truth. A book that tries ; perhaps with some success, to give young readers the freedom to study physics on their own in preparation for future exam papers; but most of all a book that provides an interesting reading experience.< Less

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