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Aaron Apple and the Rain By JM Carydice
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It is springtime in Kaiamaville, and very hot indeed. Aaron Apple is sitting under the largest apple tree in his orchard and is worried because his apples aren’t growing properly. He needs his... More > apples to grow (as they have vitamins in them that help people stay healthy). But this won’t happen until his orchard gets watered, which he cannot do alone. So Aaron plans to look for his old friend the fair weather cloud, Mr. Cumulus. However, he finds out that he won't have to because his good mate, Billy Bean, arrives and tells him that Mrs. Nimbostratus (the dark rain carrying cloud) is on her way!< Less
Aaron Apple and the Rain By JM Carydice, ST Carydice
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Aaron's orchard needs to be watered. Unable to do it alone, he must turn to his elementary friends. But will they help him, in time? This fun-filled children's picture book, is very educational (as... More > it covers certain areas of the curriculum). It cleverly blends science, nutrition and nature into one; making learning a most enjoyable experience. As Aaron brings you into his world, he teaches the reader about the significance of water, including its generic makeup. He also introduces the scientific names of clouds, plus the main vitamins you get from apples and what they do for the body. There are some excellent messages in the story and the book is filled with bright, colorful illustrations. Each page tells the story through both the words and the drawings, so it accommodates the competent reader as well as the reader who struggles. Aaron Apple and the Rain is one of those stories that a child (without being prompted) will want to read time and time again. Buy the book and find out.< Less