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Fifteen-year-old Angelique is sent to the mountains to live with her grandparents after her mother dies. She expects to be depressed, bored, lonely and ignored, but instead she wins the hearts of a... More > host of newfound relatives and friends, while becoming involved in exciting events. Meet her loving grandparents, her elderly independent aunt, the horses she rides, and the dogs she loves. Her unlikely friends are the elusive captain of a rescue boat, a stubborn rancher, a mysterious Native American, and the boy who becomes her special friend. Her activities include riding in a laughable mule race, herding cattle, sledding into a creek, taking a wild ride on an ATV to rescue her aunt, becoming a high water expert, and discovering that she is a bee charmer, like her aunt. Her volunteer project, helping at a camp for handicapped kids, culminates in escaping with the children from a forest fire.< Less
ST.CHARLES By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $20.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
ST. CHARLES When Minnie Mullins sold her deceased husband's barbershop to the personable young stranger, little did she realize the portent of his sudden appearance in her community. Not only would... More > the old barbershop be brought back to life, but her business agreement with the new owner might spell out a death warrant on her own life. And she had little idea that his arrival would drastically change the life of her young friend Victoria. "He is either looking for something, or hiding from something," Minnie told Victoria the day after she met him. Both women were to be surprised and amazed at how accurate Minnie's guess would turn out to be. After long-hidden truths were revealed, because of his arrival, the little town would never be the same again.< Less
KNOXVILLE By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $19.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
KNOXVILLE This is a sequel to BRANSON, about Jake Tama. Well, Captain Jacob Ezekiel Tama, if you remember. He doesn't have a regular job, since his own excursion boat got blown up. His main activity... More > is picking up and delivering boats for a variety of companies all up and down the rivers. And that is what brings up his ongoing problem -- crime, murders, mostly. Everywhere he goes something always happens to get him drawn into resolving a mystery -- even worse than when he was a cop. Like the Tennessee country music icon. And his religious counterpart. And they always happen under a red moon. If you don't know what that means, ask your grandma. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves again. Just read this book, too!< Less
PENNINGTON By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $20.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
PENNINGTON Young Reverend Lincoln Davis Hawk – an ex-soldier and ex-drunk with a shameful past, finds romance and rancor in the Bible Belt. He is now an ordained minister working among the... More > needy and downtrodden, but not in a church – but is assigned, against his will, to return to the hometown he dislikes, to take over a problematical church. After meeting a host of characters, including the young and beautiful, but enigmatic church organist, and a self-styled “Preacher hater,” he is startled to learn that all of his predecessors have died mysteriously. Now, not only must he provide spiritual guidance for his congregation, but he must also race against time to unravel all the mysteries before he becomes the next victim.< Less
Paperback: $17.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
WALLINS RIDGE Fenced in by a ridge that encloses his valley and seems to reflect his problems, Ben discovers a fabulous spring that exudes wonderfully clear water. He is appalled to learn than those... More > he loves prefer drinking something other than water—an affliction that permeates the entire family. But the spring becomes a special place for him and his life-long girl-buddy. Although the ridge can change from an uplifting inspiring icon to a somber wall, it is always there – as it has been for eons of time, watching over the happiness and grief of the denizens deep in the valley. The people and events that are walled in by it seemingly have no way out. No matter how much they try to escape its clutches, they are continually drawn back.< Less
CEDAR RAPIDS By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $19.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
CEDAR RAPIDS Maria had dared to invade a territory thought exclusive to men, especially by the men—that of product design and manufacturing. Having a degree in mechanical engineering did not... More > absolve her from being scorned, rejected and emotionally persecuted by her supervisors. Had it not been for a newfound love, and her home away from home, she would have moved on. But, after losing that love, and going on to exciting business ventures in other fields, she was reluctantly coming back—to the town she loved, and the house which had provided solace to her memories. Also to the manufacturing company and its managers who had treated her abominably when she was young. Would her friends still be there? Her enemies? It would be different this time. She could guarantee that, because she is now the president of the company! But is that what she really wants?< Less
COAL CAMP By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $24.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
COAL CAMP When two young friends are caught up in the turmoil of changes in the coalfields in the middle of the twentieth century, they take extremely different routes to improving means of... More > extracting coal from the earth—one through mechanization and the other through unionization—and become bitter enemies. But after years of conflicts, getting married and raising children, their friendship is rekindled when they are hopelessly trapped in a mine cave-in. This is the story of coal miners—their lives, loves, hopes, dreams and deaths.< Less
ELK KNOB By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $17.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
ELK KNOB Adam and Eva knew from the first time they met, in eighth grade, that they were destined to be close friends. Although she is ashamed of them, Eva’s deep blue crossed eyes are exotic,... More > erotic, appealing, appalling, and—much to the chagrin of her parents—fascinating to Adam, the boy for whom she cares the most. The ever-constant shining light in Eva’s eyes charms Adam from the start, and never fades. As teenagers, Eva and Adam stroll the lanes, explore the mountains, and spend many happy days together—which culminate in a realization of real love, and a cure for her affliction.< Less
DAYTON By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $16.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
DAYTON They were drawn to the northern industrial cities by the hundreds of thousands, both during and after World War II. Companies needing employees even set up recruiting offices, just like the... More > military, all over the Cumberland Plateau, where the three states come together. But the emigrants all had one trait in common, they still kept one foot stuck in the rocky soil of the mountains. Everybody wanted to make their pile, then head back “down home.” But for most it never happened. The interrupted lives, learning of new cultures, and separated families, took their toll. Some men worked all their adult lives “up north,” while their wives never left the mountains—raising a bunch of kids, and seeming reasonably happy. And through it all there was the returning, then leaving again.< Less
BARREN HILLS By Allan Cannon
Paperback: $17.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
BARREN HILLS Beth Bell, rancher’s daughter, is extricated from dangerous situations by the taciturn son of a neighboring rancher. Home from school in St. Louis, she expects to be bored, lonely... More > and at loose ends, in the vast, scarcely populated country in which she finds herself. Her unsettled state takes a very different turn, as she makes new friends—but learns that she might have a few enemies as well. Her acquaintance with a local storekeeper’s daughter generates a new attitude on her part, as does her friendship with the young man who plays hero to her troubles. An excellent rifleman, with a dog and horse to match his ability, he is still considered a saddle bum by her father. “One thing is for sure,” said Beth, “I definitely won’t be leaving the ranch and going back to St. Louis this fall!”< Less

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