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McCulloch's Last Stand By AM Sardar
Paperback: List Price: $12.30 $8.61 | You Save: 30%
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Jed McCulloch, a mean disgraced retired Lawyer, is asked to assist in the defense of a teenage girl, Mary Beth Reagan, accused of murdering her new-born baby and facing the death penalty. Bill... More > Corsair, a corporate lawyer killing time in Abilene whilst his ageing mother slowly dies, reluctantly takes on the case and turns to an experienced criminal lawyer to help him prepare a defense. The ill-matched team is further hindered by the reluctance of the defendant to offer any defense or to reveal the true circumstances behind the pregnancy. His assistant, the fiery Ally May, is resentful of McCulloch; regarding him as a washed-up has-been with too many enemies in Abilene. McCulloch must now face his past and his damaging actions whilst helping a reluctant lawyer construct a credible defense. All against the background of small town prejudices and an accused girl who remains silent.< Less
Santa Flown By AM Sardar
Paperback: $8.43
Prints in 3-5 business days
Global warming has reached Santa's Workshop, the Arctic ice sheet is melting and our beloved gift-givers must relocate. Mr Drole, the troubled Head of Production, must juggle childcare duties with... More > attempting to co-ordinate his idiosyncratic Enchanters, Chaucer & Saucer, in finding their new home. As the deadline for evacuating the North Pole approaches misery is heaped upon misery as the evil plans of the dastardly Australian Toy Tycoon are revealed. It's all hands to the sleighs as Mrs Santa Clause and Kin must take part, with the two Santa brothers, in the Christmas Eve deliveries. Friendships are renewed whilst others are curtailed, motherhood is celebrated, painful memories revisited and rivals and lovers part ways in the final part of the trilogy. The action packed, heart-pounding, foot-warming conclusion to the Santa trilogy as the Old Man flies off for the last time.< Less
Santa Clown By AM Sardar
Paperback: List Price: $22.08 $13.25 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
A tale of the forgotten Santa. Santa Clown delivered his gifts with a joke and a laugh until one Christmas Eve he disappeared into the night and was replaced by his brother Santa Claus. Santa Clown... More > was forgotten, lost in the mists of old Christmas's. Now there is trouble in Santa's Workshop! Saboteurs are wrecking the production lines and demanding the return of the Forgotten One; "Shoot Santa Claus down, Bring back the Santa Clown". Mr Drole, the long suffering Head Troll, is trying desperately to meet the Christmas Eve deadline whilst hunting the trouble-makers and sorting out his messed up love life; can the gifts be delivered as usual or is this the Christmas when it all falls part? Whatever happens, Christmas will never be the same again. A searing Christian-Marxist fantasy analyzing rampant Christmas commercialism, a critique of unsustainable models of growth and delivery and a warning against intra-species relations or just a very silly story about Elves?< Less
Cowboys & Indians By AM Sardar
Paperback: List Price: $25.21 $12.61 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
What happens when Cowboys meet real Indians. A cross-culture clash of the most extreme kind when a Texan Construction company is hired by an Indian tycoon to build the first Western theme-park in... More > Mumbai. Dallas Jones and his American team must co-ordinate multiple antagonistic nationalities in an unfamiliar land to achieve the demanding deadlines. Seema, the head-strong local coordinator struggles to work with chauvinistic Avinash on the team as mutual attraction and life-style expectations lead to clashes in the work place. And all the while someone is trying to kill Moti Lal; family, friends and enemies become increasingly difficult to identify as the project nears completion. Can Dallas Jones avoid the flirtatious Mrs Lalita Lal, will Seema be seduced by the smooth talking Pakistani architect and why does Avinash find the transvestite Jeevan so alluring? Destitute orphans, menacing gangsters, mysterious terrorists, bribe-seeking policemen and a potential Indo-Pak War lead to an explosive climax.< Less
Sin and the Single Hijabi By AM Sardar
Paperback: $6.14
Prints in 3-5 business days
The trial and tribulations of a group of pious Hijab-wearing students as they navigate the social norms of University life whilst trying to be good Muslims. Noorie, aka Dr No, the headstrong medical... More > student notorious for rejecting marriage proposals, juggles demanding studies with potential boyfriends and a far too pretty younger sister on the brink of becoming engaged. Her friends, the loud-mouthed aggressive Shazia, the designer-obsessed Furhat, the meek and giggly Rahat, and the strident Shagufta, try their best to help but things just keep getting worse. A chick-lit with a difference; not an expose but more of a cover-up. "You're one boyfriend away from an honour killing!"< Less
Santa Down By AM Sardar
Paperback: List Price: $22.43 $11.22 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Greatest Gift is a Loving Partner. Once Upon a Christmas Eve there was a riot in Santa Land caused by severe industrial unrest. All the little Elves, all the large Globs and all the other various... More > enchanted creatures, gathered together and tried to burn down the workshop. Voices were raised, fingers were pointed, and, on occasion, violent harm was done to both persons and property. By providence and good luck Santa Clown returned to bring harmony to Santa Land and normal service was resumed. The continuing adventures of Santas Claus and Clown and the troublesome inhabitants of Santa Land as they venture out into the world, will our festive-heroes survive their encounters?< Less
Colin Thorson Teenage Superhero By AM Sardar
Paperback: List Price: $10.29 $6.17 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Colin, a troubled fantasy-prone teenager living in the North of England, is having nightmares of a talking crow with a startling revelation; he is the son of the Norse God Thor. Can he believe the... More > talking crow? Colin's love life becomes evermore complex; whilst trying to date the lovely Kelly he ends up entangled with Natasha the Tache (who is unfortunately afflicted with a worrying facial hair problem) and the aggressive, over-planning Trudy McGruder. Can he successfully navigate the trouble paths of love? Meanwhile strange, disturbing events in the local area hint at an evil presence which seems to be growing more powerful each day; terror and tragedy strike at Colin as his loved ones become the target for evil forces. What has been festering and brewing in the bottle furnaces of the Potteries? Read his story as he struggles with his problems; Can Colin save his girlfriend from the Evil One, become the first superhero of Stoke and get his homework done? Where does fantasy end and Stoke begin?< Less
A Murder in Multan By AM Sardar
Paperback: $7.91
Prints in 3-5 business days
An ex-pat forensics scientist, Dr Shujaat Khan, visits Pakistan after many years to attend a family wedding and becomes unwittingly embroiled in an honour killing. Complications arise when he pursues... More > the enticing Henna and a clandestine romance develops which is strictly prohibited by a bitter family feud. He learns the honour killing is a merely pretence, for the murder hides a dark secret which must be maintained at all costs. When Henna becomes implicated in the killing Shujaat’s loyalties are torn between his love for her and his fiancée. He pursues an obsessive quest over decades to unravel a secret which could destroy a community. A migrant’s compelling search for identity in rootless times.< Less
A Passover in Peshawar By AM Sardar
Paperback: $11.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
The further adventures of Charlotte Holmes and her companion Dr Watan as they attempt to foil a rebellion. A melancholic Dr Watan tries to seek solace in marriage and accepts a proposal from a... More > widow with a grossly deformed child; much to the annoyance of Charlotte. Charlotte must visit her husband's family and must also negotiate with the Viceroy as they threaten to confiscate the estates. Charlotte is charged with thwarting a rebellion in the Northern Territories, led by the Warlord Walid Khan who is using the emergence of a miracle child, The Mahdi, to start a Jihad. When circumstances turn against the British, Watan is obliged to accompany Charlotte to Peshawar, to learn the truth about the Mahdi; they find the Russians are in league with the Warlord and plan to invade British India from the North. An epic, perilous journey to the Khyber Pass to thwart foreign agents, foil a blood-thirsty Warlord and determine the provenance of a miracle child, prophesied to herald the End of the World.< Less
A Christmas in Calcutta By AM Sardar
Paperback: $7.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
A re-imagining of the Great Detective and his partner as Charlotte Holmes, a traumatized woman, and her companion Dr Watan, an Indian doctor, as they investigate nefarious activities and a conspiracy... More > to bring down the British Empire at the dawn of the 20th century. Charlotte, a brilliant yet erratic polymath, is escaping from an enforced confinement whilst being pursued relentlessly by her husband when she encounters Dr Watan on board the Calcutta Tiger Express. Our heroes investigate a murder on the train and learn the intended victim was the young Maharani on her way to meet her new husband, the Maharaja of Ratnam Nagar. They journey to the Kingdom and uncover a power-struggle with the all-powerful matriarch Mataji and her evil cult of Thuggee killers. Devious plots are hatched, ancient rituals revived and evil machinations unleashed to secure the prized Ruby Throne. A tale of sorrows unmourned, love unrequited, killers unmasked and ambition unfulfilled.< Less

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