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Night Boat By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $13.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
University student Gavin received a terse phone call from his mother demanding that he come home as his father was ill. Shocked for he believed his father to be a fit man. His father died soon after... More > his arrival home. He accused his mother of poisoning her husband, knowing she knew of a longstanding affair between her husband and his business partner the beautiful Madam-De-vere. He also suspected his father’s younger brother Rex of a sexual relationship with his mother, only to discover such an accusation refuted when Rex introduced him to his lover Robin, a young man many years his junior. A month later his mother died of a heart attack leaving Gavin sole heir to their estate. Rex helped him to come to terms with his bereavement and certain sexual aspects of Gavin’s personality of which he was soon to discover much his confusion.< Less
Crufty Bitch By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $9.34
Prints in 3-5 business days
Little did Kate O'Connell know when she sold Poopy's discarded bitches that the half monkey face and mesmerizing eyes were eventually to be acclaimed by Crufts and throughout the Irish Canine... More > Republic. However Lady Allypisangle of the local manor, always on the look out for a novelty snapped up the brood. To Kate O' Connell's shock, the Lady got a first at the Dublin Crufts. So whilst Lady A was being presented with her prize, Kate snatched 'Cookie' from it's booth and made haste back to her cottage at Allypisangle. Then Kate realising she was hording hot property, one night, surreptitiously returned the animal to the manor. The weeping Lady A,suddenly heard a loud squeal.. She rushed to the door to find her prize winner suspended in mid air clawed by the famous Black Devil Eagle, then in a panic reached for her rifle and shot it stone dead A satirical Irish comedy that just keeps 'ago-in'< Less
Queen Bea By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $11.09
Prints in 3-5 business days
Little did war-time pub landlords Bob and Bea Grey know they were to become victims of Nazi conspiracy. One time music hall artists they were spotted performing an imitation of the King and Queen by... More > Lionel Westhead head of Wartime Ministry of Information. He immediately signed them on as stand-ins for the royal couple. Thinking the King needed a rest, Westhead arranged a holiday in British Columbia Canada at the invitation of their host the high Commissioner. The King and Queen refused the invitation and as the commissioner had never met the Royals to save face, Bob and Bea were sent in in their place. But all was not to be as the royal plane was intercepted and Bob and Bea were whisked off to Coburg Castle in Germany under the pretext that the incarcerated King and Queen on German soil could put an end to the war. A novel of high comedy,intrigue and mystery.< Less
Scent of Theatre By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $10.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
A potpourri of stories, articles and plays An easy to read traveling and holiday companion.
The Bequest By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $13.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
Young orphaned Tom Luke a companion to Squire Montford, discovered on the elders’ death that he was the squire’s illegitimate grandson, through a love-match between the squires son David... More > and Mary (a maid) Tom’s late mother. David absconded to a remote farm in Sussex where Tom was eventually to learn of his early death and he being the squire’s only son thought he was sole benefactor to the Montford estates. To Tom’s dismay the squire’s London solicitor having died suddenly had already transferred the Montford deeds to the squire’s great nephew Rev.Charles Mackay of Fife Scotland, who claimed to be rightful heir to the estates. So did Tom Luke through his coincidental and strange escapades finally make claim to his inheritance or did the Rev. Charles Mackay have prior claim. The novel evolves around other characters of incomprehensible male and female relationships adding certain piquancy and drama to the plot.< Less
Bang Goes Bury St. Edmunds By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $9.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
Bury St. Edmuds a pleasant enough town retaining its Georgian atmosphere and other significent periods including the its historic abbey, and a local natoriety, Willian Cawder. 'Murder of Maria Martin... More > and the Red Barn'. Cawder was hanged for the crime and his skin, a book-binding, displayed in the local museum. On the lighter side, the famous farce ' Charley's Aunt' aired its first perfomance at the Theatre Royal. A modern day offering, the Abbey Choir of which were, Mr Johnnie Parkin as chief chorister. and a younger participant Tom Beck and lodger in Johnnie's large Regency house in Queens Square. Yet all was to change when a police raid intercepted Johnnie's 'Drag Ball', arrests were made to all and saundry except of course Johnnie who dangled a pouch of gold severeigns in front of a greedy-eyed police inspector Living now under a dark cloud and Johnnie's entertainment venues curbed, he decided to sell up lock stock a barrel and try his luck in Perth Australia accomapanied by his young lodger Tom Beck.< Less
Gentleman in Waiting By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $10.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
When young James Fotheril arrived at Capfell Hall as butler to two elderly ladies. Lady Dora and Lady Elvina. Little did he know what the position was to bring. Hard times prevailed and Jack the... More > stable boy after being dismissed, hanged himself. So why did Inspector Bird point an accusing finger at Lady Dora? After temporally dismissing James, the two ladies did a flit, seeking refuge in a Brighton Hotel? James decided to take a short holiday and by a coincidence found himself in Brighton looking for work. Only to discover the whereabouts of the two ladies. Lady Dora at the hotel's ball impersonating Anastasia the estranged Russian Princess. Then James appeared in a Russian costume and pronounced her as a fake and quickly disappeared. A novel of mystery, intrigue, suspense and high comedy and in the end did- ' Well end well? '< Less
The Faberge Eye By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $13.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
In an attempt to rescue his great aunt Josephine from a monastery in Honpour India. Art student Benjamin Bart resorts to posing nude for a (bent) retired major. Realizing he is caught up in a... More > sinister porn ring, makes a quick getaway with the major's glass eye created for him by the famous Russian artist Faberge'. The 'eye' manifests disaster for everyone in its wake, except Benjamin. With several deaths on his hands and to escape detection, Ben impersonates a Russian countess. More disaster confronts him when his ship to India mysteriously sinks. Ben finds solace in his French steward Maurice who agrees to act as husband until they finally reach Bombay. During the second voyage Ben (now Olga) finds himself caught up in a German spy ring and witness to a murder. On reaching Bombay, Ben is handsomely rewarded for his exposure of the German spies. In a final search for his great aunt Josephine, leads to strange and dire circumstances< Less
Dagger Moon By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $11.67
Prints in 3-5 business days
The late 1940’s in bomb shattered Hamm Westphalia (Germany), tragedy struck for young Louise Hansel on discovering that her father, interned to a prison asylum for stabbing to death several... More > occupying Russian military. On a visit and just before his the death, her father slid for her protection, the fateful dagger It was not long after when as a pupil at a convent school, she was soon to discover the dagger’s power. Having formed a close relationship with Rosa a pupil, Lu discovered Rosa switched her affections. Enraged with jealousy and lured out by a full moon Lu discovered Rosa and her girlfriend together in a nearby wood. In a frenzied fit of jealousy, she fled at Rosa and stabbed her to death. Her terrified companion escaped but there was no reportage or was the body of Rosa ever found.< Less
Strange Encounter By Ronald Griffin
Paperback: $13.18
Prints in 3-5 business days
Young Pete Beck left sleepy East Anglia with the prospects and hopes of a better life in Australia. His short stay with his Uncle Tom in Perth proved a traumatic after discovering his uncle was... More > linked with a ‘gay setup’. He absconded to a Sydney hostel where he became involved in a confrontation with a drug addict and a scuffle knocked the assailant unconscious. Pete quickly checked out only to discover he was about to be hounded by the police for an attempted murder. To escape the trauma of Sydney, Pete sought work with the help of resettlement officer Don Gibbs, on a remote farm in the terrain of the Blue Mountains, where the farmer John Crane lived with Ellen, his surrogate deaf sister. Pete was to discover the truth of their relationship when he found they were in a sexual relationship and Ellen eventually became pregnant. To save face, John offered Pete a share in the farm if he would partake in a mock marriage with Ellen.< Less

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