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Stories & Glories from Pakistan & Australia By Wasif Haq
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There are different perceptions and opinions which are either built through our lack of exposure and interaction with people from different cultures or the way media presents the news to us. The book... More > aims to show a positive side of human interaction and connection which is hardly mentioned in the mainstream media. Although not a travelogue, but Stories & Glories from Pakistan & Australia is a personal collection and reflection of events that I experienced during my stay in the two countries, as I experienced the cultural shock and learned different values from wonderful people of both the countries. Inserted in the book are over a 1000 pictures from Pakistan, some are related to tourism and others are related to people who have made important contributions in their work. The book also features success stories and ways to improve our society. As a big fan of Roxette and Mohammad Hafeez 'Professor', the book reflects what their work meant for me and how it shaped me and my thinking.< Less
Borrowed from Rainbow By Wasif Haq
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“Borrowed From Rainbow” is a story of a Pakistani girl who is on Autism spectrum disorder who has not been diagnosed because of the lack of awareness about it in the society. She... More > experiences a troubled childhood where she is not understood by most people. She is ridiculed, humiliated and mocked everywhere. This has not only caused the shattering of her self esteem but also stressed her family. She finds a person in her life who seems to give her all what she needs. Gradually her life improves but sooner or later; she has to find her 'inner strength' to survive through several ups and downs in her life. She is challenged time and again with some hard situations which must be solved before she can discover the real joys and happiness in her life.< Less
The Whispers of the Falling Rain By Wasif Haq
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The whispers of the falling rain revolves around a girl who is divided between following her dreams and being inhibited by her fears, confused between selflessness and selfishness, and whether to... More > keep running to achieve more or stop to enjoy what life offers. It is a story of determination and believing in oneself that no matter how many challenges life may present us with, we can survive because essentially life is bigger than both our dreams and fears, both of which can hold us back and may make us stuck. It is a story of determination and believing in oneself that no matter how many challenges life may present us with, we can survive because essentially life is bigger than both our dreams and fears. As human race experience social devolution, can a single person really stand up to the challenges and dreams to bring a change succeed despite all injustices in the world?< Less
Dental Home Care By Wasif Haq
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Dental Home Care is a book that provides a basic level of information about dentistry, different dental conditions, their signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment. In addition, this book also... More > contains emergency management of common dental conditions at home if you are unable to find a doctor. While this book does not claim to be a substitude for a dentist or dental treatment for that matter, but it provides the reader with knowledge about importance of oral hygiene and how oral hygiene contributes to our overall health. Interesting facts related to dentistry from worldover have been included in the book to keep you immensely interested in dentistry.< Less
Interpreting Procrastination; Key to Success, Happiness and Wellness By Wasif Haq
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Procrastination has been viewed negatively. We are told to beat and defeat procrastination, when in reality, procrastination is a natural and actually quite useful phenomena. Procrastination needs to... More > be interpreted as it may contain valuable messages for us, following which we can achieve success and explore our real potential. In the book 'Interpreting Procrastination; Key to Success, Happiness and Wellness', it is argued that procrastination is a symptom rather than a cause and that if we understand the hidden messages encrypted in procrastination, our productivity can increase. The book also covers latest research data to highlight how the brain responds under different conditions and importantly how stress can cause brain damage which may result in cognitive difficulties including procrastination. If you want to understand yourself, your needs and how different factors may impact your learning and attention, 'Interpreting Procrastination; Key to Success, Happiness and Wellness' is a must read.< Less
Labyrinths of Life By Wasif Haq & Jarrar Alam
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“Labyrinths of life” is a book that will help you get through tough times in your life whether be it your personal life, professional life or the difficult phase after losing important... More > relationship. This book will help you to deal with life crisis easily and effectively as a strong person as it will guide you to change the way you look at life. There is no issue or problem that can prevent you from enjoying a happy and free life. There is a solution to every problematic area in our lives, so there is no absolutely no reason why we should feel confused or worried believing as if we have reached the ‘dead end’ in our lives. The book covers wide range of topics that will help you beat the stressful situations and use your failures to your own advantage, as it is only our thinking and perceptions that can make us feel either as a loser or a winner. Labyrinths of life will help you choose the right and the best track that you can follow to reach to your destination.< Less

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