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Ladyboy: Thailand's Theater of Illusion By Andrew Forbes et al.
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The photographs in this coffee table e-book colourfully reveal the glamorous world of Thai transvestite cabaret. In Thailand practically every town or village has several openly transsexual boys or... More > men who dress as women and are born with feminine characteristics. They are known by a Thai term which translates as 'Women of the Second Kind', and are also often known by the English loan word 'Ladyboy'. Perhaps no other country in the world has such a large percentage of transsexuals, nor arguably does there exist any other culture where persons of the ‘third gender' can live and interact with society so freely and comfortably. The photographs in this 'coffee table e-book' portray the glamorous world of Thai erotic and exotic transvestite cabaret and represent, faithfully, Thailand's extraordinary 'Theater of Illusion'. 3,500 Words, 85 full colour images< Less
Angkor: Eighth Wonder of the World By Andrew Forbes, Colin Hinshelwood, David Henley
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For much of the second half of the 20th century Cambodia was racked by war and famine. Considered a sideshow in the Vietnam War, the country was nevertheless invaded by both North and South Vietnam,... More > bombed to smithereens by the United States, and—worst of all—ruled, between 1975 and 1979, by Pol Pot’s genocidal Khmer Rouge regime. Things were so bad that the very name Cambodia became synonymous with pain and suffering. Yet it was not always so. Before its rice fields were stained with blood, Cambodia was celebrated as a land of fertile tranquility where a Buddhist people continued the myriad artistic and cultural traditions of the old Khmer Empire, exemplified by the extraordinary temple of Angkor Wat, surely the Eighth Wonder of the World. Angkor has to be seen to be believed. It is the largest religious site in the world and the major cultural and historical attraction in all of Southeast Asia. 20,000 words, 81 contemporary images, 18 historic images, 7 maps< Less

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