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The Harker Legacy: Pulp Line #3 By Teel James Glenn
eBook (ePub): $3.23
One Family. One Legacy. One Problem. Texan writer, Robert Howard, travels to London for inspiration for his stories when he finds himself in a street brawl. Aided by a struggling actor, Howard sees... More > off the thugs and sets about returning the favor for his newly injured and incapacitated friend. Howard agrees to take over his role as a 'whipper-in' on an upcoming foxhunt hosted by the Harker family. Howard meets the Harker's and learns about their travels in Hungary and Romania, before settling in England once more to closely guard a terrible secret. Putting his considerable horse-riding skills on show, Howard catches the eye of Gwendolyn Harker, the daughter of Jonathan and Mina. Her parents regard Howard's intentions with suspicion, and their dark and deadly legacy is revealed before him, leaving him with a fight for his life. Can Howard unravel the secret and save himself before it's too late?< Less
Fist of the Fae By Teel James Glenn
eBook (ePub): $3.05
A trip to the Emerald Isle is one Howard will remember forever. Texan writer, Bob Howard, travels to Ireland, the home of his ancestors, and quickly finds himself in a local pub and in the thick... More > of trouble. Befriending a curious father and son pair, the Mac Tirs, Howard is exposed to a world of amateur wrestling. When the young Mac Tir is accused of throwing a match and is sucker-punched to the ground, Howard steps in against the bully. Making an enemy of the outraged brute, Howard marks himself as a target. His opponent threatens him and makes suggestion of an upcoming fair. Howard soon learns more about the fair and is transported into a parallel world full of mythological creatures. The rivalry with the bully has carried over, and Howard is challenged to defend his, and his friends’, honor in the ring under the observation of Morgana, the Fae Queen. Can Howard perform in the ring, beat the bully, and uphold the respect of his friends?< Less
O'Leary's Luck: Pulp Line #4 By Teel James Glenn
eBook (ePub): $3.20
Anachron Press Presents Pulp Line No.4: O'Leary's Luck by Teel James Glenn A dying man's last words. A secret worth millions. When down-on-his-luck racetrack tout, Luckless O'Leary, overhears two... More > men talking one night, he's in the wrong place at the wrong time and is gunned down for eavesdropping. Professional bodyguard and international adventurer, Jon Shadows, accompanied by his date and local singer, Flora Temple, stumble across the dying O'Leary and listen as he utters a series of gibberish words. Far from gibberish, however, the words are the key to a secret that stretches back to the times of Frank and Jesse James, making Shadows and Temple prime targets for those who shot and killed O'Leary. Jon Shadows has to protect himself and Flora, figure out the mystery, and discover what it was O'Leary had overheard that was worth killing for. Can Jon keep everyone save and unravel the mystery of O'Leary's strange words in the face of certain danger?< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60