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Psychological TOP TIPS: QUIT FEELING SO GUILTY! By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.93
QUIT FEELING SO GUILTY! Feeling guilty is often the result of overestimating your own responsibility when something goes wrong. With everything you do, or fail to do, it is possible that you may... More > break one of your personal laws. But never let guilt get in the way of a better future. Psychologists Fred Sterk and Sjoerd Swaen give anti-guilt tips that can help you control your unwanted behavior. They also explain how you can deal with chronic complainers. You will learn to see that all the things you have done well in your life or still do well count too!< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.90
SOMETHING BETTER THAN PERFECTIONISM Perfectionism can be a problem because people are unable to recognize it in themselves. A perfectionist stands in the way of himself and his own happiness. ... More > Attempting to achieve perfection can leave a person exhausted and demoralized. But why should you have to prove perfection to the outside world, when you are already ‘complete’ inside? There is something better than perfectionism. Psychologists Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen show in this self-help book the techniques for learning to make the difference between perfectionism and healthy top-ambitions.< Less
Psychological TOP TIPS: DON'T WORRY, BE MINDFUL By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.94
DON’T WORRY, BE MINDFUL In this Thought Meditation Training you will learn to live in the here and now with mindful attention. This helps to prevent you from losing yourself in... More > worry-thoughts and value judgments about the future or the past. Psychologists Fred Sterk and Sjoerd Swaen will also give helpful anti-worry tips from positive psychology, a new branch of psychology which focuses its research on what skills, qualities and life-attitudes contribute to the welfare and happiness of people.< Less
Psychological TOP TIPS: OPTIMISM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.90
OPTIMISM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE. One of the basic ingredients for gaining self-confidence is having an optimistic attitude. Looking on the bright side of life is a good strategy for building courage... More > and feeling more secure. Believing in your own potential – and that of others – also builds confidence. Making the people around you feel good about themselves not only improves relationships, but can have a significant impact on your health and happiness. In this eBook, Psychologists Fred Sterk and Sjoerd Swaen reveal the secrets to finding optimism and confidence within yourself.< Less
Psychological TOP TIPS: OVERCOMING YOUR PERSONAL LIFE TRAPS By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.93
OVERCOMING YOUR PERSONAL LIFE TRAPS In this self-help book psychologists Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen discuss different negative and positive attitudes to life. Everyday ten thousands of... More > thoughts run, either consciously or unconsciously, through your head. These thoughts are also steered by your life attitude. Your personal life attitude determines furthermore, to a large extent, which type of relationship you have with yourself or others. By adjusting your overall life attitude, you will become calmer, more resilient and stronger. This self-help book contains an action-guide that can help you to adjust your attitude with optimum effect to many recognizable stressful situations.< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.93
OVERCOMING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR APPEARANCE Problems with your appearance are often difficult to solve. A negative, distorted body image makes you wrongfully believe that you are inferior. You can,... More > however, change a negative body image and learn to look at yourself with more satisfaction and self-acceptance. Psychologists Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen present in this self-help book the most effective techniques for regaining your sense of pride as well as your freedom and self-confidence.< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.90
ENVISION A BETTER PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE The possibilities within you are unlimited. You can imagine whatever you want. With the help of your imagination, you are always one step ahead of... More > reality. In this e-book, psychologists Fred Sterk and Sjoerd Swaen discuss various positive applications of the power of visualization. They show you how visualizations will help you to change negative thoughts into positive, hopeful future-expectations.< Less
Psychological TOP TIPS: SAVORING POSITIVE EMOTIONS By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.93
SAVORING POSITIVE EMOTIONS Positive emotions give extra strength. But how can you bring them closer and expand them? With the descriptions of the positive emotions in this self-help book, you... More > will learn how to choose your path to more happiness and emotional resilience. Psychologists Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen will also give nine valuable thought and perception corrections, by means of which you can identify and apply the most important and relevant information in problem situations.< Less
Psychologische TOPTIPS: UITSTELGEDRAG OVERWINNEN By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.90
UITSTELGEDRAG OVERWINNEN Uitstelgedrag is voor veel mensen een groot probleem. Het kost veel en zorgt dat er, zowel in je werk als privé, kostbare tijd en energie verloren gaat. In dit... More > e-book leer je hoe je taakbelemmerende gedachten kunt omzetten in nieuwe, stimulerende, taakbevorderende gedachten. Psychologen Fred Sterk en Sjoerd Swaen geven in dit e-book oefeningen en voorbeelden waarmee je uitgestelde taken, stapsgewijs, weer kunt aanpakken. Zodat je met meer voldoening en verantwoordelijkheid je werk kunt afronden. (< Less
Psychologische TOPTIPS: OVERWIN JE PERSOONLIJKE VALKUILEN #1 By Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen
eBook (PDF): $3.90
OVERWIN JE PERSOONLIJKE VALKUILEN #1 In dit e-book bespreken psychologen Fred Sterk en Sjoerd Swaen verschillende negatieve en positieve levenshoudingen. Dagelijks gaan er, bewust of onbewust,... More > vele tienduizenden gedachten door je heen. Ze worden mede ‘gestuurd’ door je levenshouding. Deze is ook, in grote mate, bepalend voor de soort relatie die je met jezelf of anderen hebt. Door je algehele levenshouding bij te stellen, word je rustiger, weerbaarder en sterker. Dit e-book bevat een actieschema dat je kan helpen je houding, zo optimaal mogelijk, aan te passen in veel voorkomende stressvolle situaties. (< Less

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