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The Woman from Banias By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $3.12
When Publius hears that his childhood sweetheart is a widow, he heads straight out to Palestine to try and win her - but there's a problem. Secunda is gravely ill and none of the doctors can help... More > her. Publius stays as long as he can, but after he leaves, Secunda hears of the one Man who can help her and when He does, she offers Him a statue for which I am still looking - I'm an archaeologist when I'm not writing books.< Less
Bought By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $3.07
With the Iron Curtain in tatters, William Hughes, psychologist, decides that the time is ripe to take a holiday in Poland. He returns with an unusual souvenir - a girl who has been tortured and... More > abused by a gang of criminals. As the months pass, he finds himself falling in love with his purchase, but the obstacles to a happy ending are as formidable as they are unexpected. Can William and the girl he bought find happiness or will real life ultimately prove too much?< Less
Corinthian Boy By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $3.07
Arxes, a young man of Corinth, is both delighted and dreadfully embarrassed: his father is about to buy him a slave girl of his very own! Love follows its usual rocky course until the girl hears an... More > itinerant Jewish philosopher talking in her own language. The big question is, can Lucius, Arxes' Roman friend, get the girl he wants? The book has extensive footnotes which quote original sources to give a dramatic picture of life in ancient Greece.< Less
The Privatised Community Service Girl By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $3.14
It's not the perfect job for an idealistic young psychologist, but with the right-wing revolution in power in Britain, Steve Russell is grateful for a post as Penal Education Officer. His clients are... More > what you would expect: a mix of the criminal and the unfortunate, with attitudes ranging from dumb defiance to vicious belligerence. So when a girl with a smile is next on the list, he doesn't know what to make of her - but he is determined to keep her out of the clutches of Jeff Couzins, the thuggish prison guard. His act of impulsive kindness, however, leads him ever deeper into a strange new world which he has never before experienced - and just when he thinks he has lost the girl of his dreams, he finds her waiting for him at the organ.< Less
The Girl Who Gave Her Body Away By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $2.98
To his horror, Alec Hughes realises that the attractive young girl he met by Niagara Falls is trying to kill herself - and that's a waste of a perfectly usable body. Gradually he persuades her to... More > give her body to him and let him kill her - but what exactly is "her"? Can Kayley die yet keep her body alive? As they explore the issue together, their relationship slowly changes and Alec discovers the sinister link between the girl he now loves and missing student Barbara Leeson. Meanwhile Kayley uses her cooking skills to try and win the happy ending she desires, only to discover that it is the soft sound of her breathing that is the key to confidence and joy.< Less
Betty's Scheme By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $3.01
Jonathon Appleton suffers from terminal curiosity and when he hears a baby crying, not even the fact that he is on the holiday of a lifetime can stop him finding out what's wrong. It is, of course,... More > the old, old story of a girl in trouble and Jonathon's attempts to help out come unstuck in a snowstorm. Over the next few weeks Jonathon's gentlemanly honesty meets Betty's feminine guile - and comes off second best, a conclusion that makes him a very happy man. But that still leaves Betty's ogre of a father waiting in the wings.< Less
Fuad By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $3.00
This is a rollicking "Boys' Own" tale of the Crusades, with battles, sieges, spies and an imperious red-haired girl who knows what she wants and goes for it. Those who worry about such... More > things can rest assured that it all ends happily - well, more or less happily. Boy gets girl, girl gets boy, with lots of adventures along the way.< Less
The Lonely Planet By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $3.14
There is nothing quite like the feeling of being the first human to stand on a new planet. There's nothing quite like the shock of finding that there are already humans there! And when one of them is... More > stunningly beautiful and claims to be a Roman, well - what would you do? George does it, and finds that his life becomes immensely pleasurable but also vastly complicated as his alien wife springs one surprise on him after another. And then comes the friendly warning that leaves an unsolved mystery for a bored newspaperman to discover half a century later.< Less
Cherie Bonson - Robomate By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $3.12
When Nick Hawthorne makes a killing on shares in Martian Zinc, he celebrates by buying Cherie Bonson, the famous pop star - or at least, the Robomate version, complete with "Genuine People... More > Personality". And that is the start of his problems, because Cherie Bonson is vain, volataile and very far from being the girl of his dreams. It takes an ex-girlfriend and some very expensive computer chips to sort things out, but not in the way Nick had expected.< Less
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