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Missing Emilie By Michael E. Lloyd
Paperback: $19.83
Prints in 3-5 business days
Arthur Narone is desperate to forget one awful episode from his sorry, post-war orphan's childhood, but he simply cannot. Perhaps that is why he has taken to late-night joyriding around the streets... More > and hillsides of Nice in expensive borrowed cars. But that largely harmless pastime has got him into far greater trouble than a caution or two from the local gendarmerie. Arthur has been talent-spotted by the lowest of the Riviera underworld, and he is made an "offer he can't refuse" by the similarly press-ganged leader of a makeshift bunch of putative bank robbers. The "encouragement" for his co-operation consists largely of dire threats to the well-being of his girlfriend Emilie, cabaret musician extraordinaire. He decides not to burden her with his latest troubles, but when the robbery goes all wrong she is dragged unwittingly into the dangerous aftermath ...< Less
Observation Three: Changing Hearts By Michael E. Lloyd
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
May 2003: Congresswoman Kristy Toresito must take the Domans’ astonishing trade proposals discreetly forward to the U.S. Government, while her financiers tear their sorry Brighter Vale... More > enterprise to pieces and Raymond Graves keeps everybody on their toes. But the State Department is none too happy with any of it. Toni and Maelene press on with their fine ad hoc support to the Mater, and also have plenty of time to see America. But Maelene is far from carefree, and Homeland Security still can’t seem to leave Toni alone. A string of ill-conceived Earth-Dome summits, permeated with mistrust and denial, is making very little progress, but Quo happily gains many new insights into both American political truth and what ordinary humans really think about their modern world. The Mater, meanwhile, continues to receive further challenging Orders from Dome, mixed in with news both bad and good. Many hearts will need to change, or be changed, if this is not to end in a sea of tears...< Less
Observation Two: Standing Divided By Michael E. Lloyd
Paperback: $14.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
April-May 2003: The Domans on the orbiting star-craft Mater have made their first assessment of the integrity of Earth’s public figures and published data. And they are not impressed. Under... More > revised orders to establish a complete picture of the planet’s natural resources, they recruit a new, specialised illuminator, and Salvatore Pirone leads them to the rich promise of the USA. But he proves a mixed blessing, and they need to call upon the services of their earlier, more reliable assistant Toni Murano and a talented young woman who soon crosses their path. As the three conscripts struggle with their own relationships, the demands of the Mater and the increasing interest of Homeland Security, the visitors make faltering progress in building trade proposals to address the greatest resource shortfalls of both Earth and Dome. And they have discovered an unattractive little racket blossoming secretly in California, involving a special commodity they are keen to get hold of...< Less
Donna's Men By Michael E. Lloyd
Paperback: $24.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Donna Burgess is suffering a crisis of identity, following a startling revelation made by her “mother” on her deathbed. Donna’s attempts at handling this have only brought on... More > hallucinations and delusions. The most precious things in her life, the façades of Europe’s finest buildings, soon appear to be falling victim to heartless swapping over by forces unknown. She resolves to fight back, but will anybody take her seriously or even lend a helping hand? Fifty years earlier, young Peter Kerr re-encounters his twin sister Jane, who was killed in a freak accident when they were very young, but has come back to be with him in spirit. She offers her devotion and her “guidance” throughout his childhood years. Some way into the future, Peter’s elder brother Robert, now seventy-one, has enlisted the help of a regular volunteer at his new Residential Home. Mrs Donna Wilkins is happy to hear and transcribe his “little tale of myself and my family.” But everything is not as homely as it seems...< Less
Observation One: Singing of Promises By Michael E. Lloyd
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Europe, March 2003: In an unseen sphere, a Radimote is born and glides to land, invisible still, but watching and listening and ready to roll. Its undetectable Handlers have travelled far from... More > “Dome” to study this newly-identified world. They soon endow their virtual missionary with an elegant human form. Her first target is music student Toni Murano, who haplessly follows the siren’s call, gets entangled in the resultant security alert, but manages to slip through its dragnet. “Carla” can at last use Toni’s favourite music to hook him securely, and her senior officer Quo then press-gangs him into service as the Illuminator for their early observations. Forced to take on a crisp new identity, Toni is led on a hurdle-strewn chase round the cities of ever-expanding Europe, as the Domans build their initial model of the Earth and search in vain for a political leader with flawless integrity. And then they receive their orders for Observation Two...< Less

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