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The I be The Me By Richard Mc Sweeney
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“The I one Jesus of Sepphoris of Galilee clearly state that herein is carried my true and consistent testimony as written in my own hand from the time of my appearing on a bank of the Jordan... More > River to my post-resurrection on the outskirts of Jerusalem.” There thus begins this one of a kind harbinger of goodness. Written with much enthusiasm and passion the narrative movement is lively and yet of a comfortable pace having as it does an attractive sensibility and quest. It invites the reader to a refreshing manner of wisdom and thought which encourages an earnest commitment to live a morally good life. It puts forth the view that to be truly human we need to live nobly and that to live nobly we need to be of a fearless trust. This is a work of fiction fashioned from a single source, namely The Gospel According to Mark. It presents an authentic eye-witness testimony; a first person narrative of certain events which took place in the life of a one Jesus of Sepphoris.< Less
Bridging Al-Serenities By Richard Mc Sweeney
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A delightful prose-poetic work which begins in (Pt.1) on the beautiful isle of Éire (Ireland) with the world of the invisible presenting itself in person to the world of the visible. The focus... More > then shifts in (Pt. 2) to the Middle East, to a mythical queendom called Ebla set in pre-Qur’an, Bible and Torah times. The reader will be given to meet such memorable characters as Queen Ave Éire Fragrance, King Ave Éire Sacred Manuscripts, Crown Princess Graceful, and Queen Ebla Praiseworthy to name but a few. Seekers of wisdom, beauty, and love; seekers of spiritual contentment will find this progenitive work greatly to their liking for it is in all respects a fragrant cornucopia of stories and narratives all richly and exquisitely seasoned with spiritual and philosophical elegance and eloquence. This is a creative attempt at cultural bridge building; connecting peoples and ideas by means of mythologies in the making. One hundred newly fashioned maps, and three illustrations add to its charming mystique.< Less
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From Ireland: a mystical and beautiful isle of the north eastern Atlantic Ocean renowned for its mighty storytellers comes a collection of ten original long stories for children aged 8-12 their... More > parents, grandparents, and their teachers. These are imaginary stories told by an imaginary schoolteacher to imaginary students in an imaginary Irish countryside primary school. Principal, Declan McGrath is highly respected by parents and greatly loved by his students not alone for the way he admirably teaches them but also for the marvellous lively-paced contemporary narratives he shares with them. In his voice is found a lovely natural rhythm and rhyme that is pure music to the ears of his students. Although the stories have a local Irish setting or bearing they are not parochial; far from it for they aspire to and deal with universal themes and concerns in a way that a reader in any part of the world will be able to relate to and enjoy.< Less
ABIDING IN BOBBIO By Richard Mc Sweeney
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Monk Colombano Europaggio of Bobbio, Italy is a passionate mettlesome heir to St. Columbanus of Bangor, Ireland. His heart-wrenching vexations, frustrations, and anxieties with so many pressing... More > concerns such as absolutism, totalitarianism, puritanism, fanaticism; the biosphere, conflicts, wars, belief, vocation, chastity and marriage, and of the Church hierarchy’s lack of courage to take action on what is happening to Christians in for instance Syria are also among our own pressing concerns. His courageous journeying through these potentially hazardous fields leading to his discovery of a treasure trove of solaces unfolds for us a contentment and a hope for a better tomorrow. The work which appears on this the 1400th anniversary of the passing of St. Columbanus is dedicated to the Vatican Secretary of State: His Eminence, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. It is ornately illustrated with 112 original dream depictions.< Less
Bradawn Yeats By Richard Mc Sweeney
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Of an eve in December 2013, the voice of Khalil Gibran visits Irish philosopher, poet, publisher, Richard of Éire while the latter is enjoying a cup of tea in a hotel lobby in Cork city in... More > Ireland. He has an extraordinary favour to ask. He explains that while he was in this life he had never produced a literary work dedicated to William Butler Yeats. He expresses that he has a growing need to sing a deeper song to the world; to build a greater tower in the sky which he would dedicate to Yeats. To give light of day to this aspiration he has sought out the attentive ear and diligent pen of Richard of Éire. Bradawn Yeats is this deeper song; this greater tower. This is a work that could also very well serve as an enlightening resource for both the everyday-in-the-world lay contemplative of any or no creed, and the cloistered; a means of introducing them to the possibility of familiar concepts having surprising and endless associations.< Less
Visitant Eve By Richard Mc Sweeney
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While it is customary to have a spiritual book be solely on spirituality; a philosophical on philosophy, and a romantic on romance, it is rare indeed to come across a work that incorporates all... More > three. Such a work is Visitant Eve. All saffron hued in a delightful Taoist sunshine is it a uniquely innovative work; a work of spirituality, philosophy, and romance having distinct Jewish, Christian, and Islamic associations. Save for the dream ‘Right to live’ which was written in June 2013, the work dates from December 2009 to August 2010. The charming interwoven love story is an adaptation of Scottish poet Andrew Lang’s beautiful 1887 translation of the 12th century French work, Aucassin et Nicolete. At a time when the world is felt to be greatly in need of some genuine moral courage, does this succinct work from a nuptial hermit of the isle of Éire (Ireland), admirably go someways towards an attempted response to that need. ONLY AVAILABLE from this store.< Less
A Green Desert Father By Richard Mc Sweeney
Hardcover: List Price: $39.99 $29.99 | You Save: 25%
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ONLY AVAILABLE from this store: a self-published anthology of original narratives, fictional dialogues, and scenic photos dating from Jan. 2011 to Feb. 2013 by a lyrical philosopher of Ireland. This... More > contemporary collectable boldly addresses several universal themes such as love, freedom, morality, human trafficking, children and spousal abuse, religion, politics, fanaticism, prophecy, cosmology, art, fashion, music, and the esoteric. There are conversations with for instance Anne Boleyn, Michel de Nostredame, Edgar Cayce, James Joyce, Joseph Goebbels, Greta Garbo, The Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei, Dalai Lama, The Holy Qur’an, Angela Merkel, Al-Waleed al-Saud, Richard Dawkins, Michel Soyer, and Homayra Sellier just to name a few. Aside from being a cosmopolitan work it is a one of a kind personal social commentary on early 21st century Ireland as it contains over seventy pages devoted exclusively to the author’s historic and courageous bid to become the 9th President of Ireland.< Less
Solaris Hibernia By Richard Mc Sweeney
Hardcover: List Price: $44.29 $33.22 | You Save: 25%
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Clearly you are someone who is looking for meanings to life. In your search for them you have perhaps been spending an inordinate amount of time strolling and basking in say the company of Tolle,... More > Dyer, Chopra, Winfrey, Coelho, Meyer, Jakes, O’Donohue, Glenstal, Byrne and Nietzsche and even the Dalai Lama. Howsoever, of late you have been feeling the need to be on the look out for possible alternatives; alternatives that would be edging out of the ordinary, if not in fact hovering outside it for extended periods of time. If such is the case, then you owe it to yourself to give this present contemplative work some serious consideration. Assuredly, it will not disappoint for here is an exceptional book; a virtual cornucopia of original accumulated wisdom; a treasure trove of creative philosophical allegories that you will greatly enjoy delving into. You will be looking forward to reading Solaris Hibernia by degrees; needing you to but read from it a few passages a day for a sagely takeaway.< Less

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