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The village goes electric By James Henry
Paperback: $11.62
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Set in Britain in the early 1950s, we visit the isolated village of Stoney, tucked away in the Sussex countryside. Time, money and politics here meant nothing. life was uncomplicated and . . . rural.... More > The peace was about to be shattered with the coming of electricity, for which they had no real use. It did however threaten to reveal a hidden secret in Spratt's meadow. Following on from 'An English Custom' we meet old and new characters and catch up with life in the village.< Less
An English Custom By James Henry
Paperback: $7.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
Set in the quiet countryside in post war Britain. Major Rupert Stonely, returned home to claim his rightful inheritance. His recently deceased mother, the Duchess had other ideas, she had taken a... More > lover. With apparent prior knowledge of her sons’ rather dubious career in the army, she made a rather odd stipulation in her last will and testament. For the major to inherit outright he would have to provide an heir to the estate, a problem which would seem insurmountable due to a past military incident involving his brigadier, the brigadiers wife and the point of a ceremonial sword. If an heir apparent failed to appear, an almost certainty, then the whole estate would pass on to Reginald Smallpott, his mothers consort, lover and hotel owner.< Less
Edward Monkjack Exterminator By James Henry
Paperback: $11.73
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Moving from the slums of Tar Pit Terrace to the bungalows of Bay Tree Crescent, was a social wrench for both Edward Monkjack and his wife Janet. Here the roads were lined with trees rather than dead... More > dogs. It had been the awkward and somewhat embarrassing demise of Edward's in-laws, that provided the means necessary for Janet to propel herself up the social ladder, bypassing a couple of rungs on the way. Edward reluctantly followed along, never quite letting go of his working class, rat catcher roots. The early 1950s saw the emergence of a new middle class. Bank managers, investment brokers and insurance agents made up this new social elite, and they dominated the Crescent. It was unlikely that common working-class people, such as the Monkjack’s, would be invited in for cocktails, or indeed offered membership to the golf club. Edward however, knew that where there was brass, there was muck. If they wanted to make life difficult for him, which they did, he would go digging. They all had a secret.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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The Way It Was The Way It Was By Alvin Fuhrman
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