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The Armchair Detective Series Two Collection By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $2.60
A furtive factory; a punctual noisy neighbour; a recursive problem and a plot of creeping retribution from the 'Old Days'... All 4 cosy mysteries of Series Two in one volume.
The Armchair Detective Down the Avenues and Alleyways By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.31
First-ever Armchair Detective 'musical'! Down the avenues and alleyways... A highly addictive new drug has hit Downtown. To investigate, Trench must infiltrate the centre of the dangerous,... More > drug-fuelled avenues and alleyways of Downtown Stokeham. What is this new drug? Who is the hidden supplier? And how significant is the deadly Skar..? Can Old Tom help Trench experience the high of solving Downtown's psychotic secret? Everyone is dealing. Everyone is stealing...< Less
The Armchair Detective On Board the Steam Train Express By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.31
Here comes the choo choo train puffing down the track. All aboard! Tickets please! Trench and Old Tom board the newly-restored Steam Train Express, and soon become engrossed in their mystery on... More > the move, and ponder their fellow passengers… What is so odd about the Mildred sisters? Why did the Sergeant-Major retire so early? And where has that girl, Debsy got to? Can Old Tom make the necessary connections before journey’s end? Now it’s going forward, now it’s going back…< Less
The Armchair Detective and the Secret Society By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.31
"Read any good books lately?" What is so different about the Chapter One Book Club? Why don't they exactly welcome new members? Trench surprisingly discovers that a colleague is already... More > an existing member - so why can't he remember joining? And why doesn't he even seem to know who the other book lovers are? By reading inbetween the lines, Old Tom begins to realise that Chapter One is far from a closed book...< Less
Legacy of the Musketeers By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.36
At last, after 165 years, the sequel to 'The Man in the Iron Mask'... 17th Century France, two years after D'Artagnan's death: Deep beneath the Palais de Versailles, Aramis is shocked and... More > astonished by the directives of D'Artagnan's Legacy. To follow, he must betray his honour; his King and, perhaps most damning of all, his fellow Musketeers. The Sun King will be eclipsed by darkness once more... Or can the ageing Musketeers really reunite, for one last time - for the glory of France?< Less
Robin Hood King's Quest By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.71
The powerful Council of Nobles are humbled by an enigmatic cloaked figure. A unique felled tree, deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest, holds the secret to a revolutionary bow. The Sheriff of... More > Nottingham aims to cleverly meld those two events into one dramatic vision: to be finally rid of Robin Hood and his band of irritating outlaws. And he is more than willingly assisted by the menacing, and Robin’s rival for the affections of Marion, Sir Guy of Gisbourne…< Less
The Tudor Turmoil By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.48
"Divorced, beheaded, died..." King Henry VIII is inconsolable over the loss of his beloved queen, Jane Seymour. He banishes himself to the lower-levels of Whitehall Palace and refuses... More > to see or speak to anyone. A deeply concerned Cromwell has a desperate plan: To send down the old court jester, the unstable Will Sommers into the darkness, to somehow help. Meanwhile, Cromwell's enemies at court are gathering... Henry's grief regresses into a strange kind of manic madness. But... can a fool really save the King?< Less
The Future of Mr Polly By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.26
The Sequel to HG Wells' celebrated comic novel, The History of Mr Polly. Time has moved on for Mr Polly. Over ten years have passed since the tragic loss of his beloved Nancy - 'Nan' as he... More > lovingly called her. Polly thinks he should now leave the Potwell Inn to allow Nan's daughter to rightfully inherit her home and fully live her own life. But... a new post mistress has arrived at the village and Mr Polly is immediately bewitched. As a wistful Mr Polly looks to the future, he attempts to put his past behind him, but frustratingly finds it won't quite stay there...< Less
The Armchair Detective In Love By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.28
Love is in the air, so Editor Law introduces a ‘Loved Up’ section to the Stokeham Herald. Trench and Old Tom can’t help thinking that one particular Loved Up message seems... More > slightly strange. Why did David send the message so close to his big day? Why is he paying for the whole wedding? And is there more to his fiancé’s relationship with their wedding planner than is rightfully proper? Old Tom begins to believe that love can be a many suspicious thing...< Less
The Armchair Detective and the Shires' Circle Conundrum By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.27
The village that time forgot... Trench is invited by his old friend, Geoffrey to spend the weekend in one of the quietest and remotest villages of Shires’ Circle, Squire’s Retreat. A... More > village that is steeped in ‘the Old Ways’. How can the village support a Post Office, public house and guest house with next to no visitors or villagers? What dark ways are practised at the ancient stone circle? And to add to the conundrum, Geoffrey finds a clue to possibly discovering the fabled lost stone, the Circle of the Shires... ‘Seek the Circle’s centre and ye shall find...’< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60