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The Armchair Detective and the Mandrake Master Plan By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.27
“Our vendetta will end Thomas, one way or another...” Mandrake challenges his old friend and Trench to locate him within 48 hours. If they don’t, Mandrake will die from a... More > time-activated self-inflicted poison. If Trench can find him and administer the antidote in time, Mandrake has vowed that his feud with Old Tom will be finally over. Trench’s current assignment and a faint trail of clues lead him to the Riverside Hospital and a memory-sapping conspiracy. Can Trench solve the medical mystery and save Mandrake before it’s too late? “Our vendetta will end, one way or another...”< Less
Old Tom Meets Psychic Derek: An Armchair Detective Special By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.53
An Armchair Detective feature-length Special “So cold. So very, very cold.” Over ninety years ago, an abandoned boy does not last the night on the bitterly cold snowy streets...... More > Modern-day Stokeham is gripped by a relentless blizzard. Trench and Debsy struggle through the snow to interview a stranded Medium - Psychic Derek. Why has Psychic Derek come to a wintry Stokeham? Can he really speak to his spirit guide, Sammy? And what is Sammy’s connection to the tragedy that happened nearly a century ago? Old Tom believes in Sammy though, because he too can feel the cold...< Less
The Armchair Detective Series Five Collection By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $2.23
The mystery of love; the village that time forgot and Mandrake's final master plan... All three Cosy Mysteries of Series Five in one volume.
Sherlock Holmes The Corvus Conspiracy: The Complete Series By Ian Shimwell
Hardcover: List Price: $29.99 $17.99 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
For over four hundred years, the Corvus Brotherhood have been plotting for vengeance. As their plans near completion, the Brotherhood are somehow connected with: a spring-heeled tiger; a condemned... More > murder suspect about to be hanged; the deathly communications of a society spiritualist and even Mycroft's sudden disappearance. The claw of the raven is about to strike...< Less
The Armchair Detective Series Six Collection: Memory By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $2.20
A forgotten friend; a curious computer fair; three once-loved wooden dolls and the memory master himself... All four Memory Mysteries of Series Six in one volume.
Sherlock Holmes and the Spring-heeled Tiger: The Corvus Conspiracy 1 of 4 By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.41
(1 Ratings)
Can a deadly and ferocious tiger really be stalking the fog-enshrouded streets of Edwardian London? Holmes and Watson decide to visit the local travelling Circus and are especially interested when... More > a performing and very agile tiger bursts into the ring...< Less
Sherlock Holmes and Lestrade's Irregular Investigation: The Corvus Conspiracy 2 of 4 By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.43
Surely, Charles Clemency must be the murderer? After all, he is the only actual suspect found in the locked bedchamber next to the still, graceful body of his lady wife. Inspector Lestrade is... More > justifiably proud of himself for solving a case without the assistance from you-know-who. The compelling evidence confirms that there is nothing irregular about this investigation, and that Charles is clearly as guilty as sin. So, why is Holmes suddenly taking a keen interest in the case..?< Less
Sherlock Holmes and the Society Spiritualist: The Corvus Conspiracy 3 of 4 By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.42
The society spiritualist, Mrs Hayden is seemingly able to converse freely with the recently departed at her popular gatherings. Holmes and Watson remain sceptical, until they attend one of her... More > remarkable séances...< Less
Sherlock Holmes and the Claw of the Raven: The Corvus Conspiracy 4 of 4 By Ian Shimwell
eBook (ePub): $1.41
The raven swoops and strikes. Its claws tearing at the flesh. Its victim paralyzed, with death quickly following... A long and complex plot is finally coming together for the Corvus Brotherhood... More > and, unless Holmes, Watson and a determined Inspector Gregson can somehow stop them, will achieve its chilling and audacious purpose by the claw of the raven...< Less
The Armchair Detective Series Nine and the Specials By Ian Shimwell
Paperback: List Price: $10.50 $8.40 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Journey from the stunning, unique and ultra-modern Times Apartments to the brooding, Gothic atmosphere of Castle Mandrake... Series Nine of The Armchair Detective plus two feature-length Specials.

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