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Sexual Pleasure: Who Gets More Man or Woman? By Dr. Subhash Thaker
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Does sugar test sweeter to a man or woman? Well you will say it test equal to both. How can you say that? Unless you test sugar as a man, next, you become woman and test then and then you can give... More > your opinion. Same question is there regarding sexual pleasure; that who gets more pleasure man or woman? To get the answer one should first have sexual pleaser as a man then he should become woman and have sexual pleasure. After that, one can give opinion. The answer of the question is there in mythology.< Less
Dr. Thaker’s Broth Cookbook, Help You Lose Weight, Belly, and Wrinkles More Than 100 Recipes By Dr. Subhash Thaker
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Many factors combine together to affect the health. Our food choices each day affect our health — how we feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. Good nutrition is an important part of leading... More > a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, our diet can help us to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce our risk of chronic diseases, and promote our overall health. Food is one of the factors. This is our modern knowledge. Ayurveda is an ancient system of life (ayur) knowledge (veda) arising in India thousands of years ago. “Ayurveda” means knowledge of life Ayurveda is medical system practiced in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. It deals elaborately with measures for healthy living through the entire span of on Ayurveda puts stress on Aahar (food) and Vihar (life style) for healthy life. The subject of the book is Aahar (Diet). Broth is most healthy food.< Less
Dr. Thaker’s Diabetes Care Only Four Things to Control, Along With 200 Low Carb Recipes By Dr. Subhash Thaker
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Currently affects more than 371 million people worldwide and expected to affect 552 million by 2030. The real picture is truly grave. The associations around world over help people in tackling.... More > However, their helping hands are falling short. Numbers of s are deprived of information on. Physicians are unable to gratify worries and queries of their patients due to reasons like lack of time. Internet has abundant information, but either they are scattered or scanty and sometimes even not reliable. In this book author tries to answer numbers of questions in palatable and simple language to decrease the worries and anxiety thereby increasing knowledge. Medication for s is in the hand of physicians, but the other factors such as diet, exercise, and stress are within reach of patients. If you do not take sugar then how will it come in blood! Therefore, mainly depends on input of sugar that is carbohydrates. Therefore, author has given 200 low carbohydrate category wise.< Less
Treatment and Cure of Erectile Dysfunction: Natural Cure for Impotency Based on Four Decades of Therapists’ Experiences By Dr. Subhash Thaker
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Dr. Subhash Thaker presented a scientific paper on small sample in seventh world congress of sexology organized by ISACT in India using same model. In this method, all the erectile behavior is... More > restricted. Auto penile stimulation is given as a task. The patient is asked to accomplish the task by oil massage. The massage is used therapeutically and response is used as a parameter of improvement. This is a unique and easy model of treatment for erectile dysfunction known as impotence by non professionals. This was developed first time by Dr.Thaker during his forty years of clinical practice. This model unlike Masters and Johnson does not require help of female/male sexual partners. Any types of medicines are not used except placebo so it is natural method. This treatment includes feeble erection and inability to maintain erection. The entire program is written keeping male-female sex act, but same model applies to male-male sex act as well.< Less
Treatment and Cure of Premature Ejaculation: Cure for Premature Ejaculation Without Help of Woman Based on Four Decades of Therapists’ Experiences By Dr. Subhash Thaker
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This is a unique and easy model for treatment of premature ejaculation. In this model, help of the woman/partner is not required. Success rate with methods described in this book is very high. Dr.... More > Thaker uses auto penile stimulative task to get permanent result. He asks patients to accomplish the task by oil massage. The use of massage is therapeutic. In this treatment intensity of sexual excitement is being gradually, stage wise increased, so it becomes easy for patients to get ejaculatory control without diminishing or losing sexual excitement. Moreover, like other treatment program chances of precipitating erectile dysfunction (impotency) become nil. The entire program is written keeping male-female sex act in picture, but same model applies to male-male sex act as well. Dr. Subhash Thaker is practicing as a sexologist since forty years in India. He has treated more than twenty five thousand patients of premature ejaculation.< Less
Improve Exam Results: Tested Technique for Passing Exams or Tests By Improving Memory By Dr. Subhash Thaker
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In this book, author has described the program for improving memory, study style, and behavior. His method is dramatic and lucid. He penetrates in the mind of his clients and creates report very... More > fast. The author has helped hundreds of students in improving their memory, method of study and behavior; he has developed a training program for this and has tested it on hundreds of boys and girls. He has been doing this professionally since forty-five years. Number of students who used to fail in exam/test previously, started getting higher grades and distinctions after the training.< Less

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