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Fox By E.C. Polster
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Honey De Blair is the only human inhabitant on the spirit-filled island of Puti'on, and is its greatest ruler...or, at least, she thinks she is. When she takes her self-proclaimed title too far and... More > kills the god Gunnar, terrifying consequences come in the forms of demons, curses, and the appearance of a fearsome conqueror who arrives to claim her land. To make things worse, a boy named Lark washes up on the island and threatens to overthrow Honey's position of power with his annoyingly superior strength and prowess. Desperate to atone for her deeds, Honey is forced to work alongside Lark as she attempts to find a way to restore balance to the island and stop the god Golrym. Venturing through volcanoes, wisp-ridden bogs, underground gardens, and the sacred Mist, Honey must gain the trust of every creature on Puti'on...even though they hate her with a passion.< Less
Clock Girl By E.C. Polster
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The city of Elegy has been devastated by an apocolyptic disease, and now stands like a graveyard in the midst of rolling moors. But the clock tower is not broken, not lifeless, not yet: It is... More > operated by the city's one last survivor, Alumina Spires, who lives behind the numbers and dreads the city below, dreaming about a new life. When Mina leaves the clock at last, she is spirited away into a world of "others"--those who are neither alive nor dead, and certainly not human. Manned with a bag of Twizzlers and a fake fairy wand, Mina is met with a hodgepodge of oddities--the mechanical spider-backed Monk, a hunger artist, an imp named Pip, the elusive fée, and the ominous Richelieu. All ghosts and shadows who have roamed the city for ages but have only just emerged to Mina's attention, they paint a picture of morbidity and despair in her mind--Where did they come from? Who are they?< Less

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