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Resurrection By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
It is a sombre but tremendously powerful novel touching upon many tragedies and problems of life in the Russia of to-day. It shows the genius of "Anna Karenina" blended with a more mature... More > comprehension of human life and character. The "Great Master of the North" has written in "Resurrection" a harrowing yet absorbing story with all his old fervor, and with a deeper and more searching spiritual understanding. The theme is that of a woman's life weighed down and well nigh extinguished by the most terrible misfortunes and tragedies, but finally, through the power of love, resurrected and made new.< Less
The Cossacks By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Cossacks is a short novel by Leo Tolstoy, published in 1863 in the popular literary magazine The Russian Messenger. It was originally called Young Manhood. Both Ivan Turgenev and the Nobel... More > prize-winning Russian writer Ivan Bunin gave the work great praise, Turgenev calling it his favorite work by Tolstoy. Tolstoy began work on the story in August 1853. In August 1857, after having reread Iliad, he vowed to completely rewrite The Cossacks. In February 1862, after having lost badly at cards he finished the novel to help pay his debts. The novel was published in 1863, the same year his first child was born.< Less
Childhood, Boyhood and Youth By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Childhood is the first in a series of three novels and is followed by Boyhood and Youth. Published when Tolstoy was just twenty-three years old, the book was an immediate success, earning notice from... More > other Russian novelists including Ivan Turgenev, who heralded the young Tolstoy as a major up-and-coming figure in Russian literature. Childhood is an exploration of the inner life of a young boy, Nikolenka, and one of the books in Russian writing to explore an expressionistic style, mixing fact, fiction and emotions to render the moods and reactions of the narrator. Boyhood is the second novel in Leo Tolstoy's autobiographical trilogy, The novel was first published in the Russian literary journal Sovremennik in 1854. Youth is the third novel in Leo Tolstoy's autobiographical trilogy, It was first published in the popular Russian literary magazine Sovremennik.< Less
Family Happiness By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Family Happiness is an 1859 novella written by Leo Tolstoy, first published in The Russian Messenger. The story concerns the love and marriage of a young girl, Mashechka (17 years old), and the much... More > older Sergey Mikhaylych (36), an old family friend. This maybe echoes Tolstoy's own marriage to a woman of 18 when he was 34. After a somewhat awkward courtship, the two are married and move to Mikhaylych's home. Over the course of the 100-page story, Mashechka finds that married life and her feelings for Mikhaylych are much more complex than she had thought and have little to do with her previous, slightly naive, notions of marriage, hence the ironic overtones of the title, "Family Happiness".< Less
Leo Tolstoy: The Complete Plays By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This digital publication contains all the plays written by Leo Tolstoy, the most known maybe because its controversy is the five-act drama "The Power of Darkness" Written in 1886. The... More > play's production was forbidden to be produced Russia until 1902, mainly through the influence of Konstantin Pobedonostsev. In spite of the ban, the play was unofficially produced and read numerous times.< Less
Anna Karenina By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Anna is the jewel of St. Petersburg society until she leaves her husband for the handsome and charming military officer, Count Vronsky. They fall in love, going beyond High Society's acceptance of... More > trivial adulterous dalliances. But when Vronsky's love cools, Anna cannot bring herself to return to the husband she detests...< Less
War and Peace By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $4.99
The novel tells the story of a number of aristocratic families and the entanglements of their personal lives with Napoleon's invasion of Russia. As events proceed, Tolstoy systematically denies his... More > subjects any significant free choice: the onward roll of history determines happiness and tragedy alike.< Less
Tolstoy on Shakespeare: A Critical Essay on Shakespeare By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Leo Tolstoy, was a Russian writer - novelist, essayist, dramatist and philosopher as well as a pacifist Christian anarchist and educational reformer. As a fiction writer Tolstoy is widely regarded as... More > one of the greatest of all novelists, particularly noted for his masterpieces War and Peace and Anna Karenina. In their scope, breadth and realistic depiction of 19th-century Russian life, the two books stand at the peak of realist fiction. As a moral philosopher Tolstoy was notable for his ideas on nonviolent resistance through works such as The Kingdom of God is Within You. During his life, Tolstoy came to the conclusion that William Shakespeare is a bad dramatist and not a true artist at all. Tolstoy explained his views in a critical essay on Shakespeare written in 1903. It includes the text "Shakespeare's Attitude to the Working Classes" By ERNEST CROSBY And a Letter From G. BERNARD SHAW.< Less

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