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Stop Hemorrhoid Discomfort and Pain: Natural Remedies That Eliminate Hemorrhoids By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.88
Hemorrhoids can be unpleasant, worrisome and sometimes painful. Without some form of treatment they will get worse, so you need to take action to get rid of them. With this natural hemorrhoid... More > treatment information you can expect to get rid of your hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoids are severe, you may need surgery. But, they may come back, if you have not done anything to change your lifestyle. Hemorrhoids typically stems from existing constipation. Here is where your good sense kicks in, because you will find drug store products or remedies don’t give you “hemorrhoid cures.” Just like laxatives, they may provide some temporary relief and may irritate and prolong your condition. To really eliminate hemorrhoids or piles, you need a solid piles treatment that is natural in nature and has the power to set you free from the itching, bleeding or uncomfortable stinging. Click on the buy button now to try this different approach and feel the power of natural remedies.< Less
Hair Loss Natural Remedies: Hair Natural Treatment for Women and Men By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $9.97
As you age you will start to lose your hair. Some of you will see this much faster than others. There are three things to think about natural hair loss treatments. Are you looking for preventing... More > hair loss, for maintaining the hair you have, or for hair regrowth? First of all if you have a good head of hair, don’t think this e-book is for someone else. This e-book is definitely for you, if you want to keep your good looks. With all the natural remedies provided in this e-book, you can maintain the hair you have. For hair regrowth, you will find it hard to regrow hair. If you have suddenly started to lose, then this e-book will give you the directions to stop that loss and to help you regain the hair you had, provided it is a result of stress or nutritional deficiencies. Go click now on the buy button and get the hair loss treatments you need. Don’t take a chance to miss out on this jam packed Nook e-book. Start saving your hair now.< Less
Unbelievable Benefits of Calcium and Magnesium: The Magical Body Benefits of Calcium and Magnesium Revealed By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Free Calcium Benefits From Calcium Foods Calcium is one the most active minerals that works in your body to keep your alive. It gives your bones solid structure and is involved in muscle... More > contractions with magnesium. By knowing as much as you can about calcium and magnesium and applying this knowledge, you give yourself a chance to live a better and longer life. Calcium and Magnesium are prime minerals that are active in trapping body acids. The can give you an alkaline body. This single benefit that these minerals provide you should motivate you to discover how you can best use these minerals to create an alkaline body An alkaline body is what you should strive for, if you want to be free of disease. But both these minerals give numerous other benefits that you should know about. Click on the buy button now, and start today with the right dose of calcium and magnesium that your body needs to prevent a variety of illnesses.< Less
Gout Remedy Treatment: Discover How You Can Stop Gout Pain for Good By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.97
Here is a gout book that will give you remedy treatments to get rid of your gout. You will have all the necessary diet information and natural remedies you need to stop the gout pain in your toes or... More > where ever it occurs. This books is a comprehensive acid pain book, because not only will you eliminate the excess uric acid but also other body acids that come from eating acid foods or from acids created from your body’s normal function. What is Gout When you have gout, diet contributes to some of it, but it is created mostly from other body conditions. You will discover that gout is not just a symptom of eating the wrong food, it’s imbalance of your body acids and other lifestyle practices. Here is your change to change the direction of your health. Gout is just a warning that something serious is developing in your body that will compromise your health. Do let gout take you down. Click that buy button to get started in your quest for better natural health.< Less
Make Quick Herbal Shampoos: Create Effective Natural Shampoos At Home By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $9.98
You Get Step by Step Instructions You are provided with step by step instructions on making great shampoos. You will not to guess as to what you have to do next. With the information you get here,... More > you will be able to make shampoos for a variety of scalp and hair problems. If you had dandruff, oily hair, hair loss, or dry hair, you can make shampoos for these hair issues. Stop Damaging Your Hair Now you can store or trash your commercial shampoos that have chemicals that you don’t know what they are or how they damage your scalp and hair. These chemical get into your blood and they eventually lead to disease and hair loss. Stop harming your hair and health and discover how you can create shampoos to your liking and forget about commercial shampoos. Teach your children or friends how to make shampoos that are good for their health.< Less
10 Day Weight Loss Challenge: Change Your Eating Habits and Lose Weight By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.97
A New and Different Weight Loss Program 2013 Most people that are overweight are always searching for that magic diet plan. I don’t have a diet plan, but I do have a way for you to lose... More > weight. It’s a very natural way to lose those extra pounds and to keep them off. It involves what I call “Changing Your Eating Habits.” Changing Your Eating Habits If you are overweight and have extra pounds you don’t want, then you got that way because of the way you eat. Sure exercise has something to do with it, but the main cause is the way you eat. So, eat differently and lose weight. Action to Take Now Go get started now on this program and let me know if you need help. Don’t wait until you need surgery. Take care of your health and appearance with this information, right now. Just click on the buy button now, and you can get started right away to make 2013 your best year.< Less
Anti Aging Juice and Tonic Recipes Revealed: Special Juices and Tonics That Give You Beauty and Health By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $9.87
Are you concerned with your appearance? Want to look and feel younger and at the same time become healthier. Now you can with this new Anti-Aging e-book that shows exactly how. We all want to look... More > young and want to be healthy, but there is really only one way to do this. And, it’s not through the use of drugs. You have to go back to nature. So, how can you regain some youth and eliminate disease at the same time? People have been seeking beauty and youth, in the wrong places. Topical creams and other formulations give you only temporary beauty. Drugs and pills don’t cure, but they can help, but you should not use them all of the time. Using the right food and drink is what cures. If you eat the right food and drink the right drinks, you will not be sick.< Less
The Powerful Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium: Create An Alkaline Body with These Minerals By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.78
If you want to have good health all your life, then you need to know how sodium, calcium, and magnesium work in your body. With this knowledge, you can adjust your eating habits to eat those foods... More > that provide the highest and best levels of these minerals. You can increase the supplements you use to target specific diseases and to keep your body alkaline. You should know which supplements to use for these minerals and amounts to take. When you have a lot of these minerals in your body, you will have an alkaline body and less illness. Getting the right amount of sodium into your body is critical for cell function, nerve transmission, and acid elimination. And the sodium to use does not come from table salt, but from food. Calcium also is major player for an alkaline body. It works with magnesium to keep bones strong and maintain a powerful body. Take action now to get this information, which when you use it, will change the way you live and feel. Click on the buy button now.< Less
New Thyroid Diet Revealed: Take Charge of Your Thyroid Problems Now! By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.97
Here is another important organ that you don’t want to lose. So many people have their thyroid removed and have to suffer the rest of their lives’ having to take Thyroxine Pills. Are you... More > one of these persons? You don’t have to be. But, you need to take action while you still have your thyroid. If you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, here is a new way that you can recover the health of your thyroid. I don’t clam this will work for everyone. But if you follow these steps, you will definitely improve the health of your thyroid and at the same time improve your immunity and health. If you have other thyroid diseases, the information in this book will also give you some help. You can get started now. Take care of your thyroid. You don’t want to lose it. If you still have it, go through this book and start the process of saving it. Click on the buy button now, and start your thyroid saving process.< Less
Nutrition for Disease Free Life: Special Nutrition Practices Revealed for Maximum Health By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.97
Want Better Health? Do you want to have better health? Then, now is the time to discover these best nutritional practices. These are the established principles I tell my clients that want to have... More > more energy, feel better, and get rid of illness; and if they want eliminate pain, start improving their cardiovascular system, and protect their future health. Do You Know How To Gain Better Health? There is so much available advice on how to get better health. But there are some core principles that you need to discover and implement. Once you do this you will not be confused as to what it takes to be healthy, without pain and disease. Body Cycles Help You Get An Alkaline Body If you don’t know what Body Cycles are then, you must find out because going against them is what is making you sick and unhealthy. So Click on the Buy Button now and get started planning and doing what it takes to have good nutritional health.< Less

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