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From The Flames - Book 2: Instruments of Death By Connor Rigg
Paperback: $13.38
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John's gateway between the universes may have been prevented... but there is more than one way to conjure one... and the secret may be as simple as death... and that death could pave Iciest's way... More > into our universe... "As my rage flourished, over time the town slowly began to wither away and dilapidate itself - far worse than anthropogenically possible. The roads twisted and cracked. Houses crumbled and collapsed into colossal heaps of rubble. Every plant and animal died and my demons grew in both size, and power enabling them to easily kill any of the cultists naive enough to leave their sanctuary, in an attempt to destroy me." The war raging between the universes of the living and dead are slowly reaching a crushing crescendo, as the Titans, the Draconians, and the dead all stand against each other as the final moments for life begin to draw to a close...< Less
Solemn Departure - Book 1: Instruments of Death! By Connor Rigg
Paperback: $8.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lianne has reawakened John after several centuries of imprisonment in the depths of Hell. Now with powerful allies on his side ranging from the dead, through the demons and up to the ancient Titans... More > themselves... can John finally purge the universes of the living... or will Chloe and Damien be able to stop him in time? "The voices are back once again. The whispering hypnotic voices: "Kill... destroy... purge..." I find myself longing to destroy, lusting for the sight of flames rampaging through the wilderness." "I can hear the sounds of metal crunching and buckling. I hear metal shatter and pierce into human flesh. I hear blood spattering and dropping. I smell and feel fresh blood drenching me and the car." The allegiances have been set, the tables have been laid. Can the Draconians survive the wrath of John, Lianne and Iciest... or is this truly the final moments for life?< Less

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By His Mercy By His Mercy By Tricia Walz
Paperback: $15.00
Paperback: $10.00