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Book Three: Part Four, Ghostly Chills By S. L. Howarth
Paperback: $7.76
Ships in 3-5 business days
A mysterious soul appears in the depths of Magentis Castle, as the unearthly sounds fade-away. The graveyard keeper watches over the mortal cemetery. At seeing outsiders, the so-called sexton... More > manifests into a dark eerie ghoul; then the screeching phantom rushes towards the strangers. A tremor shakes the kingdom. The cave with the vortex seal’s up, trapping a strange beast inside. Taz is alone inside Magentis Castle. The spirit realm awakes and the Draemid fairy embraces the ghostly atmosphere. Taz dances her way to the Great Hall, only to be terrorized. Taz runs screaming through Magentis Castle, into the clutches of a demonic force. Some time later, fear consumes Taz when werewolves abduct her. A celebration is in jeopardy. Then pounding hooves echo throughout the woods and the Grim Reaper appears, bringing more than a dire warning...< Less
Book Two: Part Three, Phantoms In Pursuit By S. L. Howarth
Paperback: $9.56
Ships in 3-5 business days
The Ring of Fairies gather in the dell to celebrate Surrain's good news. Secrets are told and a mystery unfolds. Surrain begins to hallucinate and she slips away from the group unnoticed. The... More > fairies senses are heightened as evil forces approach...and attack. Surrain is found near to death and is taken to her cottage. The little fairy makes a surprising recovery...but all is not as it seems. As ghoulish fiends manifest, the atmosphere grows heavy. Darkness looms over the fairy kingdom. Surrain endures a harrowing journey. Feeling weak and vulnerable, Surrain is terrorised as the Grim Reaper seizes his moment.< Less
Fairies, Angels, Ghosts and Ghouls: the Mystic Mirror By S. L. Howarth
Paperback: $15.19
Ships in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Surrain experiences a world within dreams. But evil intention is mounting. Surrain is transfixed by a Mystic Mirror, unearthed from the depths of Magentis Castle. An evil ghoul is released.... More > Emotions reach breaking point. Then, a revengeful strike results in terror.< Less

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