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Dan and JJ were best friends, foster brothers and fellow estate agents so when Dan’s relationship with his fiancée ended badly JJ decided it was time Dan started dating again. ... More > What happens when your closest friend has your best interests at heart and takes it upon himself to drag you from your miserable single life and spice it up for you? If that friend has as many brains and as much forethought as he does heart, then all is bliss and harmony. But unfortunately for Dan his best friend is JJ who is not renowned for his towering intellect. It is said that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and poor Dan felt every miserable bump and pothole as JJ meddled his way from one disaster to another. Cue the recipe for dating disasters in the search for ‘That Special Someone’. Set in the seaside town of Scarborough with its quirky pubs and quirky people, Deharmony charts Dan’s darkly comic and misguided search for love. Oh and watch out for those pesky seagulls!< Less
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This follow up to DEHARMONY finds the three couples once more at the mercy of JJ’s ill-conceived meddling when he wins a competition to get them all married in paradise, funded, and badly... More > organised, by the dating site they had all met on the year before. Follow the group through engagements, several in JJ’s case, stag parties and the weddings in Jamaica. There are no pesky seagulls in this sequel but there are some peaky Pekingese, a blue foot, a very annoying Bottom, bad tattoos, psychics, a badly shaved bear in a dress and a quest for JJ Senior to complete. And through it all you just know that poor Dan will be bouncing from calamity to catastrophe all the way along the path to matrimonial bliss. Set once again in the quaint and quirky seaside town of Scarborough with little detours to Scotland and Jamaica.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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