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After Life : Dead Rising By Bill Chapple
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After life dead rising: This is all of bill chapples work from 2012-2013 Last breaths- 4 horror story's in one book Last breath, The Hunt, Demon Lover, The Hunting Of The Wolf Restless Soul:... More > Quebec's Of Death Book 1 is the first book in this set of short story's< Less
After Life: Dead Rising By Bill Chapple
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After Life Dead Rising: The Hunting Of The Wolf: Young Joe wakes from a nightmare from his hellish past, only to find his life and his friends are going camping on his property and are now the pray... More > of his stalking killer Last Breath: Jen is the nerdy girl that every one hates well they did she was murdered and now she's back as a mad demon that wants each of her killers pay in there own way. Demon Lover: A 1800's Dr. finds him self drunk and with a women and in the next split second running for his life from a demon that looks like a girl he once killed. The Hunt: Beck and her college friends find them self's crash landed in the wild Alaska and facing mother nature to be able to live once again. Restless Soul: Beck is a bar bouncer and kicks a man out that is known for a high drug cartel. only to be killed and left in a dug grave. she dos not stay down when she comes back with the help from a panther. to kill them all and bring down the drug lords of her future world.< Less