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From Baller to Babe - A Gender Bending Erotica By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Alex Riviera's baseball career seems doomed before a mysterious new team doctor offers him a cutting-edge treatment to help his body recover from injury. But when he discovers he's actually being... More > used as a guinea pig for a new miracle drug that turns men into women, Alex is furious to find the changes aren't purely physical, but emotional and sexual as well! As the new woman begins to lose the battle against her raging libido, Alex finds herself in the sights of her former teammates - and she's starting to think being a girl might not be so bad after all!< Less
Infiltrating the Lactation Lab (Forced Milking Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Dive back into the Lactation Laboratory, where women are administered a potent serum that causes their breasts to expand with milk while simultaneously becoming super-sensitive to all stimulation!... More > When a riot among the human cows threatens to turn into a full-blown orgy, Dr. Veers finds himself face-to-face with a Femme Fatale determined to steal the secret of his lactation formula! Warning: this 7,300 word story contains intense nipple play, breast worship, rough sex, reluctant gangbangs, dominance and submission, and gallons and gallons of warm, delicious milk!< Less
Touring the Lactation Lab (Forced Milking Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Take a tour of the Lactation Laboratory, where women are administered a potent serum that causes their breasts to expand with milk while simultaneously becoming super-sensitive to all stimulation!... More > When a woman arrives to inspect the production facility, she finds herself subject to the mysterious concoction. Now she's next in line to be milked!< Less
Forced Lactation Bundle: Four Stories of Erotic Milking Adventures By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $6.99
This bubbling-hot bundle contains four delectable stories of erotic milking, seduction, mind and body control, gangbangs, reluctant sex, and double penetration. This raunchy collection of lactation... More > fantasies features twisted scientists, sorority sisters, viking warriors, and, of course, milk! Contains over 19,000 words of the following stories: 1. Touring the Lactation Lab 2. Infiltrating the Lactation Lab 3. Lactation Sorority Rush 4. Forced and Milked by the Vikings< Less
Forced and Milked by the Vikings (Lactation Gangbang Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Magnus Ulfson and his band of vikings ride into the icy mountains to defeat an ancient witch coven. When the witches weave a twisted spell to seduce the mighty warriors, Magnus uses ancient magics to... More > reflect it back upon the coven-sisters. Now their breasts and bodies scream to be milked as the witches lust uncontrollably. It's time for the vikings to conquer their foes and claim their spoils. --- A swirl of white smoke curled upwards from the pit and swirled around the frozen forms of the men. Magnus gritted his teeth as he waited and prayed. He felt his skin prickle as though tiny hands were roving over his body. His nipples hardened as the smoke tickled through his armor and cloth and teased at his manhood. He felt himself growing unwillingly hard. Magnus whispered the words the skald had taught him. Suddenly, the smoke wavered. It slowed, then stopped, then snapped back to the pit. The witch's eyes flared wide in shock as the smoke enveloped her and her sisters.< Less
Diary of a Slave in Training (BDSM Sex Slave Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
She once had a normal life. Then the man she knows only as Master took her away, and forced her into a dark world of pleasure, pain, and discovery as she slowly bends to his will. Now Master has... More > demanded she record her trials, and so she writes, reliving the ecstasy of her days as a slave in training, where, captive in his dungeon, she began to break at his expert hands. Excerpt: I was taken seven days ago. I had been jogging through the park when his car pulled up, a Rolls Royce, long and sleek. I didn’t even have time to scream before he dragged me away. He was stronger than me, and he wanted it more than I had power to resist. I’d struggled inside the silence as his driver guided us away from my old life, but no one could hear. No one could see past the tinted windows to the man holding down his reluctant prey, caught in the snare his passion had wrought. I call him Master now.< Less
Gender Swap Mega-Bundle: Six Stories of Erotic Gender-Bending (Waking Up a Woman Series) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Enjoy six sultry stories of men being transformed into women, and all the strange, sexy scenarios that follow! These men are about to get more than they bargained for: whether it be potent elixers,... More > bizarre viruses, or powerful curses, each of them wakes up the next day to discover they have become beautiful young women, complete with all the sexual needs and forbidden desires that accompany such a transformation! Contains the following six tales of gender-bending adventures: 1. From Bro to Ho 2. From Playboy to Maneater 3. From Man-Beast to Babe 4. From Husky to Hottie 5. From Brutish to Buxom 6. From Boy to Toy< Less
From Alpha Male to Queen Bee - A Gender Swap Erotic Fantasy By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Tyler spends his evenings womanizing and his days working at the BioGen laboratories, where he and his co-worker Rick have been working on a top-secret formula designed to transform men into luscious... More > young women.! One evening, while out cruising for action, something strange is slipped into Tyler's drink. It's not until he wakes up the next day that he discovers his body has changed - suddenly "he" has become a "she!" What's even more incredible is the way the serum seems to impact his libido. Suddenly Tyler can't get sex - and men - off his mind! Thankfully, there's someone nearby to help fulfill his uncontrollable urges - his reserved, taciturn co-worker!< Less
I Woke Up as a Woman! 3 Book Gender Swap Erotic Bundle By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $6.99
What if you woke up one morning and discovered that you had transformed into an attractive, sexually-charged member of the opposite sex? This sizzling hot bundle answers that question with three... More > fantastic tales of gender transformations, in which young men are inadvertently morphed into women through strange viruses and unpredictable new wonder drugs. With erotic gender-bending, unexpected sexual urges, and forbidden encounters with other men, these are stories to curl your toes and fulfill your wildest dreams! Contains over 22,000 words of the following stories: 1. From Bro to Ho 2. From Man-Beast to Babe 3. From Brutish to Buxom< Less
From Playboy to Maneater - Waking Up a Woman (A Gender Swap Story) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
When rich, playboy executive Bryce Ashworth accidentally ingests one of the new experimental drugs produced by his father's multibillion-dollar company, he is shocked to discover his body has... More > transformed into that of a beautiful young woman! Finding himself trapped in the body of a gorgeous female with time to kill, Bryce - now Brandy - decides to head to the hottest nighclub in LA with a female date in tow. And when their tryst is interrupted by several of Brandy's male friends, she's shocked and delighted to find they don't recognize her in her new body! But as things heat up between the four partygoers, Brandy is even more shocked to discover the unexpected longings coming from deep within her new body... Longings that can only be sated by a man... or two! This story contains erotic gender-bending, first-time encounters as a woman, exploration, multiple partners including men and women, and an unpredictable drug that turns men into horny, beautiful women!< Less

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