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International Journal of Society, Culture & Language. Volume 2(2) (2014) (Special Issue) By Reza Pishghadam
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Articles included in the current issue: 1. Changing Landscape in Translation 2. Translation Studies: Pre-Discipline, Discipline, Interdiscipline, and PostDiscipline 3. The Inscience of Translation 4.... More > The Reality of Arabic Fiction Translation into English: A Sociological Approach 5. Translation of Rhetorical Figures in the Advertising Discourse: A Case Study 6. ‘Minor’ Languages, ‘Broken’ Translations: On Brazilian Reworkings of an 7. Police Interpreting: A View from the Australian Context 8. Translation Norms and the Importation of the Novel into Persian 9. Transculturation and Multilingual Lives: Writing between Languages and 10. Critical Readings in Translation Studies, Edited by M. Baker (2010), Routledge, ISBN 978-0-415-46955-5< Less
International Journal of Society, Culture & Language. Volume 5(1) (2017) By Reza Pishghadam
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Articles included in this issue: 1. A Conversation Analysis of Ellipsis and Substitution in Global Business English Textbooks 2. “It’s Practically a Must”: Neoliberal Reasons for... More > Foreign Language Learning 3. Identity Construction in Three AbaGusii Bewitchment Narratives 4. A Linguistic Analysis of the Online Debate on Vaccines and Use of Fora as Information Stations and Confirmation Niche 5. Politeness Principle and Ilorin Greetings in Nigeria: A Sociolinguistic Study 6. Indigenous Accounts of Environmental Stewardship in Light of the Theory and Language of Maharishi Vedic Science 7. The Representation of Social Actors in the Graduate Employability Issue: Online News and the Government Document 8. Funds of Knowledge: An Underrated Tool for School Literacy and Student Engagement 9. Mirror Neurons and (Inter)subjectivity: Typological Evidence from East Asian Languages 10. The Multilingual City: Vitality, Conflict, and Change, Edited by Lid King & Lorna Carson (2006), ISBN-13 978-1-78309-477-6< Less
International Journal of Society, Culture & Language. Volume 4(2) (2016) By Reza Pishghadam
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Articles included in this issue: 1. Subjective Health: The Roles of Communication, Language, Aging, Stereotypes, and Culture 2. Conceptualizing Sensory Relativism in Light of Emotioncy: A Movement... More > beyond Linguistic Relativism 3. Italian Political Communication and Gender Bias: Press Representations of Men/Women Presidents of the Houses of Parliament (1979, 1994, and 2013) 4. Exploring Rhetorical-Discursive Moves in Hassan Rouhani’s Inaugural Speech 5. Achieving Multimodal Cohesion during Intercultural Conversations 6. The Effects of Culture and Gender on the Recognition of Emotional Speech 7. Disagreement and Degrees of Assertiveness in Service Encounters: Purchase vs Problem-Solving Interactions 8. Teacher Cognition on the Place of Culture in English Education in Tunisia 9. Language, Emotion and Metapragmatics: A Theory Based on Typological Evidence 10. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics (7th ed.), Ronald Wardhaugh & Janet M. Fuller (2015), Wiley-Blackwell, ISBN 978-1-118-73229-8< Less
International Journal of Society, Culture & Language (IJSCL). Volume 2(1) (2014) By Reza Pishghadam
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Articles included in the current issue: 1. Backward Pragmatic Transfer: The Case of Refusals in Persian 2. The Use of Second-Person Reference in Advertisement Translation with Reference to... More > Translation between Chinese and English 3. Reverse Addressing in Modern Persian 4. Beyond Self Containment: On the Politics of Identity and Culture in a ‘Glocal’ Society 5. A Socio-Cultural Study of Language Teacher Status 6. I am not Prejudiced, or am I? Semantic Strategies Used by Ghanaian University Students in the Discourse of Ethnic Prejudice 7. Demotivating and Remotivating Factors among MA Students of TEFL: An Iranian Case 8. An Analysis of Metaphoric Use of Names of Body Parts in the Bantu Language Kifipa 9. An Investigation of the Linguistic, Paralinguistic and Sociocultural Effects of Input on the Perception and Translation of Gerunds by Persian Speakers of English 10. Reflections by Robert Phillipson on English in Post-Revolutionary Iran. From Indigenization to Internationalization, M. Borjian (2013)< Less
International Journal of Society, Culture & Language. Volume 3(2) (2015) By Reza Pishghadam
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Articles included in the current issue: 1. Socio-Cultural and Technical Issues in Non-Expert Dubbing: A Case Study 2. Patient-Provider Health Interactions: A Communication Accommodation Theory... More > Perspective 3. “C’est la clé du succès”: Thinking Through the Parental Experience of a New Support Program for Newcomer Students in Minority French-Speaking Schools in Canada 4. Investigating Metapragmatic Information in Language Teachers’ Books: A Case of Top Notch 5. Karaoke in Costa Rica: A Multidimensional Approach to Study Abroad 6. Older Adults as Discursively Constructed in Taiwanese Newspapers: A Critical Discourse Analysis 7. Politeness Orientation in Social Hierarchies in Urdu 8. A Socio-Cultural Study of Pedagogical Practices inside Syrian EFL Classrooms 9. Introducing Culturally-Adaptive English Language Pedagogy (CELP): Integrating Critical Cultural Awareness through the ‘little-c’ Culture in Iran’s EFL Curriculum 10. Language, Culture, and Society - An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology< Less
International Journal of Society, Culture & Language. Volume 4(1) (2016) By Reza Pishghadam
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Articles included this issue: 1. A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Some Visual Images in the Political Rally Discourse of 2011 Electioneering Campaigns in Southwestern Nigeria 2. Impoliteness: The... More > Ghanaian Standpoint 3. Identity and Representation through Language in Ghana: The Postcolonial Self and the Other 4. Textuality of Idiomatic Expressions in Cameroon English 5. The Prejudiced Negative Images of Femininity in Wolaita Proverbs 6. A Literary Anthroponomastics of Three Selected African Novels: A Cross Cultural Perspective 7. Language Policy in Nigeria: Prospect for National Unity 8. Lexical Semantics and Selection of TAM in Bantu Languages: A Case of Semantic Classification of Kiswahili Verbs 9. Being Politically Impolite: A Community of Practice (CofP) Analysis of Invective Songs of Western Nigerian Politicians 10. Management of Linguistic Diversity in African Urban Cities, Gabriel Mba & Etienne Sadembouo (Eds.). (2012), L’Harmattan, ISBN 978-2-296-99091-3< Less
International Journal of Society, Culture & Language (IJSCL). Volume 1(2) (2013) By Reza Pishghadam
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Articles included in this issue: 1. The Society of the Spectacle Revisited: Separation, Schooling, and the Pursuit of Dangerous Citizenship 2. The Representation of Iran’s Nuclear Program in... More > British Newspaper Editorials: A Critical Discourse Analytic Perspective 3. “Those Nation Wreckers are Suffering from Inferiority Complex”: The Depiction of Chinese Miners in the Ghanaian Press 4. Reflective Teaching in the Context of a Video Club: Nurturing Professional Relationships and Building a Learner Community 5. Vague Language and Interpersonal Communication: An Analysis of Adolescent Intercultural Conversation 6. Mixing English in Persian Print Advertising Discourse 7. Caliban’s Meaning: The Culture of Language 8. From EFL Classroom into the Mainstream: A Socio-Cultural Investigation of Speaking Anxiety among Female EFL Learners 9. Fostering Academic Genre Knowledge of EFL Learners through Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) 10. Living Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology< Less
International Journal of Society, Culture & Language. Volume 3(1) (2015) By Reza Pishghadam
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Articles included in this issue: 1. Investigating Non-Native English Speaking Graduate Students’ Pragmatic Development in Requestive Emails 2. Changes and Challenges of Literacy Practices: A... More > Case of a Village in Iran 3. An Exploratory Study on the Use of I Love You in the American Context 4. Discourse Markers in Political Interviews: A Contrastive Study of Persian and English 5. The Consequences of the Contacts between Bantu and Non-Bantu Languages around Lake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania 6. Assertiveness, Compliance and Politeness: Pragmatic and Sociocultural Aspects of ‘Brazilian English’ and ‘American English’ 7. The Question of Re-Presentation In EFL Course Books: Are Learners of English Taught about New Zealand? 8. A Separation, an Ideological Rift in the Iranian Society and Culture: Media, Discourse and Ideology 9. Discursive Strategies in Selected Political Rally Campaigns of 2011 Elections in Southwestern Nigeria 10. What Is Sociolinguistics?, G. Van Herk (2012), Wiley-Blackwell, ISBN 978-1-405-19318-4< Less
Iranian Journal of Society, Culture & Language (IJSCL). Volume 1(1) (2013) By Reza Pishghadam
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Articles included in the current issue: 1. Applying Earlier Literacy Research in Iran to Current Literacy Theory and Policy 2. Accommodating the Interactional Dynamics of Conflict Management 3.... More > Educational Values and the English Language Curriculum in Hong Kong Secondary Schools Since 1975 4. Specifying the Underlying Constructs of the Home Culture Attachment Scale 5. Learning Pragmatics through Computer-Mediated Communication in Taiwan 6. Language and the Socio-Cultural Worlds of Those Who Use it: A Case of Vague Expressions 7. The Effects of Planned Instruction on Iranian L2 Learners' Interlanguage Pragmatic Development 8. Greetings and Politeness in Doctor-Client Encounters in Southwestern Nigeria 9. Gendered Communication in Iranian University Classrooms: The Relationship between Politeness and Silence in Persian Culture 10. Book Review: Aspects of Culture in Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Learning, J. Arabski & A. Wojtaszek (2011), ISBN 9783642202001< Less

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