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Letters On A Door By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $5.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
Honeysuckle Road is the most prestigious address in town...except for one house. The occupant has not left his home in three years and has communicated with no one. All attempts by neighbours to... More > contact him have had no results. As neglect of the property and seclusion of the resident continue, neighbours begin taping letters onto his front door, hoping to make a connection. Open the front door of this book and you can read the letters that await the occupant, should he decide to read them. Each letter may reveal the character of the sender and some insight into the recluse behind the door.< Less
Dear Mr. Watson By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $7.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
As a teacher, Mr. Watson receives letters...lots and lots of letters. When compiled together, they reflect a community's impression of a somewhat vague character who has moved into their narrow... More > world. Yet the writers of each letter also reveal their own prejudices, opinions, worries and concerns about themselves and their world...a world that is being shaken in very subtle ways by a teacher. This collection of letters gives us a glimpse into the dreams that parents may have for their children as well as the views of some children themselves. This novella has both humour and tragedy often leaving the reader to yearn for more information about the characters who have taken pen to paper to express their objections or seek advice from Mr. Watson.< Less
The Boy Who Spoke To A Stone By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $11.87
Prints in 3-5 business days
Denny Skylar appears to be a regular guy about to enter his teenage years. He is keen about sports and has set up his own personal laboratory where he collects various specimens, analyzes artifacts,... More > and conducts ground-breaking experiments. However, Denny cannot tolerate sound. Any noise above a whisper is painful and torturous. His parents have protected him from the outside world by moving to a quiet, isolated home in the country on the edge of Digger Hills. He is home-schooled and has never set foot in a classroom. Cracks begin to form in this idyllic world when Denny Skylar hears a mysterious, distant cry for help.< Less
People Like Us By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $11.74
Prints in 3-5 business days
When 13 year old Creed Norman asked his teacher if a tree could possibly cry when someone chopped it with an axe, she replied, “No Creed. Trees have no organ or actual part with which to make... More > sound. They have no voice. They cannot cry. Other trees have no hearing organs. They can't hear. There is a pseudoscience that may embrace talking trees, but they also believe in bigfoot, aliens, and time travel. Thinking a tree can cry is called anthropomorphism. It means that we transfer human characteristics onto plants, animals, or inanimate objects.” The teacher was fascinated with the young man's question saying, “Creed, if there is now a tree genetically capable of feeling emotions and speaking, I don't know of anyone who has heard you know of anyone?" “Yes I do,” Creed responded with a quiet confidence. “It's me. I heard a tree. I heard a tree cry.”< Less
The Words Of A Legend By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $10.54
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Words Of A Legend is a novel of mystery, suspense, and adventure for young readers. 13 year old Legend Rugger seems to have the ideal life: a loving family, good friends, and a future as a... More > long-distance runner. However, his plan to compete in the Provincial Spelling Competition seems to lead to the unraveling of his life as certain words appear to take on a power of their own. Words on his list begin to fulfill their very definition and Legend is caught up in the bizarre and often frightening consequences. Who would have thought that studying certain spelling words could make them come true? Is it just a coincidence or is it possible that young Legend Rugger is responsible for “pulling down” onto himself, his friends, and the town of Jubilation Valley, a series of tragic events. A meteor, a runaway truck, tornadoes, wild dogs, and even an alligator emerge as the dramatic consequences with which Legend must contend, all because he studied his spelling.< Less
The Boy Who Jumped By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $8.87
Prints in 3-5 business days
“Help us! Help us! Our son is missing,” screamed a voice on the emergency police line. And so begins the amazing search for 13 year old Logan Fletcher. The evidence indicates that the... More > boy exited his room through his bedroom window. However, what baffles investigators is that he appears to have left through a window, 19 stories above the ground! A police report is the basis of the incredible story of Logan Fletcher (whose name has been changed for privacy reasons.) Logan Fletcher is missing. Popular, talented, bright and athletic, he somehow has left his apartment through an open window,19 stories above the ground. Has Logan been kidnapped? Is he a run-away? Are the apparent sightings of the boy genuine? Are witnesses believable? Has there been a pattern of this behaviour by the missing boy? Join Detective Tony Wallace as he investigates the twists and turns in the unusual tale of Logan Fletcher, The Boy Who Jumped.< Less
The Snaker Boys By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $12.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Snaker Boys is a novel of mystery, adventure, humour and drama for young people 10 to 14 years of age. There are numerous sightings of a mysterious creature, possibly a Sasquatch, roaming... More > throughout the community of Digger Hills. Ryan Newcastle leads the search along with his foster brother, Jeff. The boys must navigate around the humorous, harsh, and sometimes tragic experiences of their friends and neighbours, as well as confront some reptilian challenges, to answer the Bigfoot Mystery. The Snaker Boys is the second book in the Digger Hills Series, following A Digger's Grave. As an experienced educator, the author has structured this high-interest novel with enlarged and varied fonts and wider spacing, in order to appeal to a broader range of young readers.< Less
Harley's Cape By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $11.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
As a child, Harley Conrad had been gravely ill. He was a boy used to needles, tubes, monitors and hospitals. Now as a teenager, Harley appears to be a healthy young man. However, during one certain... More > summer he must encounter the brutal forces of nature, a combative family member, an unfortunate puppy, and the desperate life-threatening needs of a child in danger. Did these challenges in life fall randomly on Harley or did he somehow seek them out, now that his body was healed. His pursuit of art seemed to certainly have its rewards. Yet at times, it led him into crisis situations which became tests of his own courage, bravery, and acceptance. Join Harley, along with his friend Sandy (just a friend...not a girlfriend!) on their adventures through Willsbury where a cape is more than it seems.< Less
A Way Past Like By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: List Price: $18.13 $14.50 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
A Way Past Like is a novel for young people, 10-14 years old, that takes place during a single summer at an isolated cottage by Cougar Lake. It shows the challenges, adventures, and the interactions... More > of a grandfather, and his 12 year old grandson as they both cope with changes in their lives. The novel is set against the beautiful and sometimes brutal backdrop of nature as everyone and everything struggles to survive.< Less
A Digger's Grave By Terrence P. Nelson
Paperback: $10.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
A Digger's Grave is a novel for young people 10-14 years of age. As the story unfolds, Ryan Newcastle, a popular basketball player goes missing after school. Over the next several hours, we follow... More > the frantic search by his friends, family, and the people of Digger Hills, as time slips away. Injured and alone, young Ryan must cling to hope as he awaits rescue from his underground prison.< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
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