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Execute the Job Interview - Second Edition (May 2013) By Sumit Arora
Paperback: $40.00
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Author of this 700-page book “Execute the Job Interview”, provides insider’s view on what the world’s top IT companies are looking for. He blends his 12 year career with... More > Microsoft, Samsung, Aricent, and 8-year long IT consulting expertise spread across USA, India, China and South Korea. Bulk of the book, covers two areas: Algorithms – Sorting Approaches, Searching Approaches, Brute-Force Approach, Greedy Approaches, Task Scheduling Algorithm, Huffman Codes, Longest Common Subsequence, Naïve String Matching, Rabin-Karp Algorithm,NP-Completeness Algorithms, Red-Black Trees,B-Trees,Graph Traversals,Hash Tables and much more... Coding - Partition The Array Of Balls, Adding Two N-Bit Binary Integers,Trie Data Structure To Store Words, Algorithm To Do Wild Card String Matching, Compress String, Convert A BST Into A Linked List,N-Ary Tree, Graph’s Breadth First Traversal, Shuffling A Deck Of Cards and much more...< Less

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