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Social Darwinism and the Isep Matrix By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
The universe is an eminently hostile environment that is driven by the forces of existence vs. the forces of extinction. Thus Life is driven by the constant competition for safety, survival resources... More > and life enhancing opportunities and to that end, mankind forms social groups or 'man-pack's' in order to leverage his chances of survival. Although society does increase man’s access to survival resources and opportunities…within that society he must still fight to claim his share of those resources. That is the scope and purpose of behavior evolution and 'Social Darwinism'. Consequently, in order to maintain competitiveness in a society filled with competitors, every social member must constantly evolve into their most powerful and potent behavioral ‘self’ which includes a matrix of four competition arenas…Individual Behavior evolutions, Social Behavior evolutions, Economic Behavior evolutions and Political Behavior evolutions. This is the 'I.S.E.P.' MATRIX of 'Social Darwinism'.< Less
The Frankenomics Postulate Reloaded By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
As Civilization escalates toward infinite proportions, the problem of overpopulation looms like a dark shadow over Man's future world. Realistically, the Earth and it's Populations create a closed... More > container of expansion resources and opportunities…yet Mankind insists on aggressively indulging in unlimited expansionism. Will the competition for the last of the Planet’s diminishing resources end in a cascade collapse of national and world economies? Or will it end in Global nuclear war and the extinction of civilization? Or worse yet, will man’s lack of Wisdom and self restraint destabilize the '‘BioSphere’' and the 'Web of Life'… turning this lush and living Planet into just another dead rock in space? Read 'FrankeNOMICS' RELOADED and determine for yourself if 21st Century Man is destined to enjoy a grand and noble 22nd Century or suffer a tragic FrankenFUTURE.< Less
Monopoly Capitalism Unmasked By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
All modern economies are driven by Monopoly Capitalism and 'Grow or Perish' competitions. Discover the secrets behind an aggressive and Primordial competition system that is based upon... More > individualism… conquests… risks… rewards… wealth accumulation and class distinction. Read Monopoly Capitalism UNMASKED and discover the conspiratorial secrets that bankers, economists and politicians absolutely do not want you to know about today's desperate 'Grow or Perish' economic systems.< Less
Political Darwinism and the Demise of the American Republic By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
The concept of Political Darwinsim posits that human nature is hardwired for Darwinistic style, Mutually Exclusive competitions and the ruthless elimination of resource competitors. Thus, Political... More > agendas are always trying to evolve into their most powerful, aggressive and potent form so that they can drive their competitors into extinction. This evolution of political power means that all left wing political agendas are driving their party ever left until it evolves into Communism. While on the other hand, all right wing political agendas are driving their party ever right until that party evolves into Fascism. In either case, the end result of their power evolution is ‘Totalitarianism’. Read how America is at the threshold of a radical change in the balance of power between citizen and government as the Democratic Party becomes more socialistic and aggressive in its attacks on the conservative infrastructure of the Republic.< Less
Planetary Overload and the Supops Axioms By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
There is a camouflaged threat to human Civilization that no one wants to talk about and that is problem of runaway population expansion that is creating unsustainable and uncontrollable super... More > populations. None the less, as we enter a brand new century, Civilization has already expanded to a point that defies reason by creating a potential 'FrankenFUTURE', compressing the Quality of Life of citizens and quite possibly damaging planetary ecosystems beyond repair. Like it or not, today's choices are the foundation stones for tomorrow's consequences. If we do not open a rational and honest dialog about runaway population expansion and its implications for the future, Man’s primordial behaviors and emotional choices will continue to build a doomsday 'FrankenFUTURE' for us all. Therein lies the value and purpose of the Super Population AXIOMS ('SuPops').< Less
Econonarcosis: The Economic Pathology of Deficit Spending Within Grow or Perish Economic Systems By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
During the last century school curricula often included studies in capitalism, communism and the workings of economic systems. However, today there is not enough public information about the values... More > and vulnerabilities of capitalism and economic expansionism. Like it or not, our world is driven by its economic systems which have evolved to a point where they appear to be out of control. Unfortunately most of the news spots and talk shows only talk about the symptoms of what ails our national and international economies and never about the values or vulnerabilities of capitalism or the consequences of 'Grow or Perish' systems or the actual dynamics about what makes an economy thrive or fail. There are few economic systems to choose from, but no matter what economic system Civilization decides to use in the future, all are doomed to failure if we insist on 'Political Correctness' and only talk around the real-world growth issues and ask nothing about what makes any economic system actually succeed or fail.< Less
Civilization Ad Infinitem: Changing the Planetary Albedo Through the Global Expansion of Urban Heat Islands By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
The Earth and its Populations forms a closed container of expansion resources and opportunities…yet Mankind insists on aggressively indulging in unlimited expansionism. Greenhouse emissions... More > is only one part of the global warming equation while ‘Urban Heat Islands’ is the other. As global populations explode uncontrollably, giant urban centers must be built to sustain them. However, each one of those Mega-cities acts as a giant Urban Heat Island that jeopardizes climate stability Read Civilizations ad Infinitem and find out more about the risks of filling up a verdant planet with Mega-cities made of concrete, glass and asphalt.< Less
Time Wars: Investigating Destiny Collisions Within the Intersection of Time and Events By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
Time Wars is a martial arts treatise on the intersection of time and events with emphasis on how Time and Event dynamics affects destiny changes during conflicts.
Project Megiddo: the Secular War On Religion in America By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
Secularism is not about modernism or presenting science as a philosophical preference in modern society. Secularism is entirely designed to establish scientific atheism as the only acceptable belief... More > set while marginalizing religion and religious beliefs into extinction. Project Megiddo: The Secular War on Religion in America exposes this process.< Less
The Secular Revolution By W. D. Raymondson
eBook (PDF): $4.50
Nearly 240 years ago, the American nation was built upon Judeo-Christian values and initially created for the free practice of that particular religion (as well as others). And even though many... More > secular citizens did not believe in deities or the supernatural, most did believe that the fundamental precepts of Christianity were based upon valuable human principles and good rules to live by. But then at the end of the 19th century a new set of political and cultural values emerged with the introduction of anti-theistic Humanism and anti-capitalist Marxism. Both of these new political formats advocated the elimination of religion from modern society and in so doing challenged old world thinking…blaming the evils of the world on the practice of religion and the unequal distribution of wealth and power. As the popularity of socialist-humanist philosophies grew, so did the advancement of aggressive secularism and the belief that religion needed to go because it was either bad, wrong or politically incorrect.< Less

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