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Where The Money Is By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $14.12
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The series of the poems found In this volume, so profound, That gleams of riches made unseen, And to elude are fairly keen; The themes that whisper, hushed in fame, With touch of humour for a... More > rein, That can't be told or be ordained, Nor are they easy to explain; One has to read and draw conclusions, To spare the painting of a scene, That cares little to decree; Giving rest to tired letters, That do not cater to summarize The work of such a fantasy. (For ages over 16)< Less
Electro-Magnetic Surveillance, Harassment and Instigation E.M. S.H.I. By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $17.41
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E.M. S.H.I. is covered as a system of many components, as the book tries to parcel that which positions to blend and to conceal itself. Due to the nature of this subject, it is not a volume of facts.... More > It is a volume of exploration of information pertaining to the immediate strategic application of EM SHI system. This strategic capacity is theorized to be a potential factor in violent activity and accidents. It may also pertain to prominent people, such as: politicians, celebrities, and intellectuals who suddenly find their life in shatters. It is also hoped that the information will offer a psychological shelter to those people who, despite being good individuals, suddenly find themselves in the clutches of torment; forcing them re-evaluate what has been done to human rights of civilian population in the 21st century. (Also, the information provided is intended to highlight rarely considered, uncertainties of interaction between wireless capacity and biological matter.)< Less
The Wonders of Modern Education. A satirical look at present-day learning. By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $10.78
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If you ever worked in the sphere of education or considered this sphere from a point of view that evokes wonder, then this volume of compiled discussion is certainly for you. Likewise, if you're a... More > parent for whom this subject inspires curiosity I welcome your attention as well. Having dealt with the modern addition nicely, I did and do think of countless people for whom the situation was and is much contrary to my own. For such, rather normal, people the situation is often very, very frustrating. Their story is a book that is never written, a mission of commitment in solitude and silence. This is a self-published volume. As such, it is not a processed ensemble of regurgitation of the usual, pasteurised regulations meal. If you are looking for the policy acclaimed dogma, to toss around during your next ambitious PD day, then this discussion will probably not fill the gap. It is a volume of satire on the topics that very much deserve it.< Less
German English Dictionary and Reference By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $17.72
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Assembled by an amateur enthusiast of language, this is a small dictionary fashioned in style of a novelty item.
The Fables of Ivan Krylov By Philipp von Markowsky
Hardcover: $27.37
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Ivan Krylov is remembered best for a collection of fables written over the course of his literary life. These fables have secured his position as a somewhat of a household name amongst Russian... More > speakers for many generations. In the field of classic literature, Ivan Krylov is positioned as one of the only representatives of this particular literary form. His example, in this genre, seems to have weathered the time gone by, often being adopted towards various creative outlets. With a wonderful blend of satire, the fables of Ivan Krylov are a classic example of humour conveyed through thoughtful and creative representation of morality. Using nature and frequent personification, these fables touch on many issues of common behaviour in daily life. One of the lasting legacies of these fables is that their broad spectrum has at least something for everyone. I welcome you to explore these entertaining translations, hopefully leaving a cheerful impression and a trace of hearty laughter.< Less
When Everyone Will Have a Number By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $12.55
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As you might have noticed, the long foretold years of 2000 and 2012 have come and went by. However, the mystery of the prophesies, supposedly with regards to these years, are yet to find... More > clarification. Perhaps, something went amiss, who can really tell, and was misunderstood to start with. Or, has it? There is something very peculiar about our present times; there is something strange all around, as long as one is willing to take a closer look. Placing mirrors at the right angle can open a tiny door to the world that escapes scrutiny; onto the world that has, thus far, been overlooked by the keen decoders. A world in which so many of us now have a number.< Less
Songs Of The Third Reich Translated in English By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $11.44
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Provided are the English translations of 79 songs from the historical period of Third Reich Germany. These songs are a repertoire derived from various venues of the topic. Although far from... More > all-encompassing, they offer examples of some of the main themes that were popular in Germany during the time of National Socialism. In a historic perspective, these translations are an excellent window onto this time period, giving an interesting and original insight.< Less
Songs Of The USSR Translated in English By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $11.29
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USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was a historic state which existed during much of the 20th century on the territory of Eurasia. Over the course of its history, USSR continued the Russian... More > tradition of being centred on classical music. However, what is least known is that USSR was also characterized by an abundance of songs, written to emphasize and highlight many aspects of daily life. Designed not merely as formalities to fill an occasion, rather being intended as functional, inspiring entertainment. Although long out of trend and representing the cheerful generations of the past, these songs are an excellent curiosity worthy of a historic glance. 75 non-metric translations are provided in this volume to illustrate the seldom explored lyrical domain of these songs.< Less
Als Der Brucken. Small Song Collection By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $7.08
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A small selection of German songs dating back to previous centuries.
Classic Fairy Poetry Vol 1 By Philipp von Markowsky
Paperback: $10.64
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First volume of the collection of various fairy poetry. These classic examples and excerpts, from a bygone past, cover a brilliant spectrum in the theme. These are little treasures in themselves,... More > which are now becoming more difficult to find, particularly in their original form. Their contribution, however, to a broad range of creative and artistic endeavors, remains ever-present.< Less