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Research Planning and Management By Goran Bezanov
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This textbook aims to help the reader to organise and execute projects that involve a degree of academic research and also to recognise the commercial opportunities that can arise from these.... More > Project planning is first considered from the standpoint of a feasibility study. The example is a case study of a hypothetical Wind Power generation project. Techniques of PERT/CPM and their role in the planning and organisation of project tasks are also included. Some guidelines are also given on the writing style in technical reports. Examples of funding opportunities and factors that influence the funding of research and development projects are presented. Enterprise as related to innovative research in science and engineering is considered. Here the emphasis is on exploiting the commercial potential of ideas that are generated from research in universities and other academic institutions. For this reason some guidance on how to prepare a business case for your high-technology enterprise are also provided.< Less
Computer Architectures By Goran Bezanov
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This textbook offers an overview of computer architectures. In the first few chapters I cover topics relating to general computer hardware architecture and also the role of the operating system.... More > Here I also deal with areas such as process management and memory management. Chapter 5 deals with issues relating to CPU design. General features of an 8-bit CPU are considered and a typical instruction set is designed. There follows an example of a CPU simulator written in C programming language. This is done to illustrate how the instructions are processed inside the Control Unit. Chapters 6 and 7 introduce the more advanced architecture topics such as pipelining and scaling. In particular Chapter 7 deals with parallel processing including the programming aspects for parallel execution.< Less
Computer Networks By Goran Bezanov
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This textbook aims to inform the reader on all matters relating to computer networks. Present day corporate networks are very complex combinations of hardware and software and in this text I try to... More > provide a brief overview of the components that a networking engineer should understand before proceeding with network infrastructure design. Thus I cover briefly topics relating to general computer hardware architecture and the role of the operating system. Here I deal with areas such as process management and memory management in order to give the reader an idea of the type of workload a computer on a typical network may need to cope with. General background to the technologies that are available for local and wide area networks are provided in order for the reader to be aware of these as options in network specification and design. I have also provided some guidelines to readers regarding the steps involved in the design of network infrastructure.< Less
Database fundamentals By Goran Bezanov
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In this textbook I cover topics relating to general database design and implementation with examples of typical solutions using Microsoft Access database. Briefly the contents are as follows. I... More > introduce database systems and describe functions that are typically supported by database management systems. A brief discussion of database types and design issues such as data dependence, redundancy and anomalies is also provided. For modelling I use Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) which suits relational databases. I use Microsoft Access database and provide enough information to enable the reader to begin using the database. Database design includes database normalisation and also the methods used in defining tables, attributes and relationships in database design. I also provide a brief overview of project management to include general aspects of planning and organising database projects. Here requirements specification is described in a general sense.< Less
Software Engineering By Goran Bezanov
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This textbook is intended to introduce the reader to the various aspects of a software engineering project. I describe the waterfall, exploratory programming, prototyping and other approaches to... More > software engineering. This is followed by modelling to include a brief description of the Unified Modelling Language (UML). Requirements engineering is presented as the starting point of project management. This leads to design, which considers the programming paradigms as well as to the overall system architecture. I briefly cover fault tree analysis as well as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP). Testing helps to validate and verify the software product. I briefly cover white box and black box testing with emphasis on the procedures during testing. I cover quality assurance to include planning and control. Boehm’s COCOMO models provide a good starting point for estimating cost.< Less
Embedded Programming for the 80x51 By Goran Bezanov
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Embedded systems within the context of this text includes computer control systems. In order to implement control software programming is required for a dedicated micro-controller. It is also... More > necessary to interface the sensors and actuators to the micro-controller so that the required control action can be implemented. This text provides an overview of embedded systems from this perspective. The details are excluded in favour of a more general understanding of the approach. There are examples of C and assembly programming and also aspects of the computer architecture of the 80x51 family of micro-controllers. Some very basic aspects of discrete modelling and control in discrete time domain are presented. Also included are course notes for Embedded Systems programming for the Intel 8051 family of processors. The course is intended to use the Keil software development suite.< Less

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