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A Different Beginning By Bri Williams
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A story about moving on and finding true love after having someone you cared for shatter your heart.
A different Beginning By Bri Williams
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A story about finding new love after being destroyed by the one that was suppose to love you back.
A Different Path By Bri Williams
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Finally feeling like she’s made the right choice, Bria continues her life with Jacob, moving to California for school. Making new friends but always keeping Carlos in the back of her mind. So... More > when everything feels like it’s spinning out of control Bria decides she must take drastic action. With Carlos finally 3,000 miles away, Jacob can relax and enjoy being with Bria without worrying about competition. Every day is better than before and even Jacob’s mother loves Bria. However, Jacob doesn’t know that by making a small decision that seems the best at the time it could push Bria away forever. Happy to finally know his sister, Matt wants to be able to get to know her and not miss anymore of her life. So why does he feel tension when he visits from Florida? Is it because Jacob and Bria feel they can’t be intimate or is it something else? What could make his dear sister so tense when her life is as perfect as ever?< Less