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How to breed dogs and sell puppies By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
Ever thought it would be fun to breed dogs and sell their pups? Well this book is an easy guide. It tells you what kind of dogs there are to breed, and how to keep the carrying mother safe, and how... More > to train the puppies into great well behaved family pets. This book also tells you how to sell every dog to a good home by showing you the different selling methods. Oh, and please don't give them to a pet store or pound cause then they will be stuck in a cage all the time, and that is messed up. Well anyways. This looks like a pretty short ebook, most of mine are a good 40 or 50 pages. This one is still fun to read though. Please check out the preview it is really nice. Thank you for reading this, and if you wish to farm dogs, I really hope you get your hands on some great dog breeding information. This book has good tips. Good luck breeding dogs!< Less
The Emotional Muscle, Self-Esteem By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
Terrible self-esteem is not uncommon. Even the most amazing people are able to suffer from it. It is a terrible mental problem and very destructive to ones life. This book will clear up, all... More > self-hate issues. It will become easier to make friends once that is healed. This book goes through lessons starting with defining self-hate, then exploring why we self hate. It will teach you how to feel better about people who hate you, it will teach you to know yourself. You won't even be shy anymore if this book heals your self-hatred enough. You will go from hate to love very fast, you will love everything there is to love about you. You will even love the bad things about you. Just writing this book has helped me, and since it helped me, it HAS to help you.Writing this book and healing my own self issues, has opened new doors for me. I am no longer afraid! I am less embarrassed about things. So much less afraid. And that's just from writing it!! So please try my book. All your self abuse and negativity will be gone.< Less
The most Dangerous Toy in the World, Creativity By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
This book starts out with ten questions about the brain and creativity. Then it goes on to tell you 50 different ways to boost your creativity. Choose the ones that pleasure you most, and since you... More > enjoy doing them, you will do them a lot, do them harder, and end up with the best results to your creativity. Find all sorts of ways in this book, such as, using clay, doing puzzles, using your computer's 3d crafter, playing word games on the computer, how to use the dictionary or thesaurus to become more creative, listening to music, looking at art, reading fictional stories, naming things, having new experiences and much much more! Creativity is truly the most dangerous toy in the world. It took creativity to have somebody think up of army tanks, and also helicopters. It took creativity to invent cars. It also takes creativity for everyday important things! Dressing up, telling a joke, having a fun conversation, teaching a class, telling a story, saying what is on your mind, it takes creativity. So please read.< Less
How to naturally reduce pain By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
Afraid of really bad pain? Think you need to find ways to reduce it? Here's the guide. Lots of Americans take pain very seriously, that's why we all must know what to do when there is pain. If you... More > know what to do about pain, you'll find yourself much less afraid of it. I think this guide is very important to those who want to fulfill their dreams, but there dreams have so much to do with physical pain. Dreams such as being in a dangerous sport, or having a baby, or being a firefighter, or anything like that. I care about those people and I don't want them to be afraid of the physical pain their dreams have in store for them. Since nobody loves horrible physical pain *and* because I myself had a lot of questions about pain, I went right ahead and put this ebook together. I hope this book prepares you for any pain that is ahead. I believe there is very deep, useful, needed, helpful information in this thing, and I want those of you who fear/dread pain to definitely read it. Look at the preview.< Less
It is Called... Being Wrong in all the Right Ways. By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
This book may not be suitable for children. Anybody of any religion can read this! It is about being a Christian, but also living in freedom. Ever thought that the religious life-style would suck?... More > You know, fear of going to hell, having to watch your every move to make sure you are not doing wrong, having to put prayer and church and the Bible in your life? Well, if images like that flash into your mind, this books for you. Because anybody who misunderstands the pure joy of Christianity and thinks that they will not be free if they serve God, is, very, very, confused. People misunderstand that living a life of sin and anger and selfishness, is being free. Because in that case you are slaved to sin and not righteousness. Give this book a chance, look at the preview. No matter who you are, this book will set your soul free. SO free. The main lesson of the book altogether, is, God has a godly version of every sin, and it is 100 times or more amazingly better but you HAVE to ask God, not make it up yourself.< Less
Prayers that Help in Hard Times By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
Hello Christians. I present to you, the perfect gift for anybody who's life is a mess right now. Besides just them, this is also a good book for all Christians. Read it, and you may learn something... More > about God. God, is all that is good. He is very, very good. He blesses even sinners sometimes. People think that life is hard, but actually it is not hard. Bring all your problems to Father God, and have Him tell you what to do and how to get over it, and it's as simple as that, now how hard is that. Those who say life is hard, are normally spineless and they just don't know God well enough. Life is challenging, not hard, and in order to live the best in life, you must be plugged into the source, -our God. Don't be immature and decide that God is not needed in hard times, and it's not weak to bring all of your problems to God either, you are simply just looking for His guidance. God will always help. There is not hole too deep for God to reach in and take you out of. He is mightyer than all your problems.< Less
The Energy Centers of the Body and What They Do By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
The soul, the you that you really are, has seven center pieces to it. These parts of the soul generate your body. Take care of your body well and you are also taking care of your soul well. This... More > guide you see here will teach you what these energy centers are and what they do and how you can improve them. This book is enjoyable and appropriate for all to read. Want to know how to improve your soul, and glow and become a more powerful being. This is for you then. If you get a better soul, most results are, better talent, people more attracted to you, and an amazing appearance. If you have ever came close to God and had your soul become healthy you would know what I mean. Having a healthy soul is very impressive and improves your life in ways that you cannot imagine. It is important to take care of these centers like it is important to take care of your own body. Read this ebook and learn how to improve your soul much more. Check out the preview, see if you like it!< Less
Wealthy Kid - Ways for a Kid to Make Money and Become Rich By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
The age level for this book is for children around 7-13. This book is a nice guide for any child dreaming of being rich. Kids should be able to earn lots of money, and I'll tell you why. They love to... More > play video games and buy toys. When I was a kid I liked computer games and gamecube games, and pokemon toys, and play doh. I can't even TELL you how much I would have spend on that if I would have been rich back then. Well, this is how kids can be rich. And yes, children really can be rich. I don't really know how easy this book will be for a kid to read, but I believe it is easy enough. Parents probably need to read this too, just to see if they would like to do any of these with their kids. And! Parents can also earn money with their kids! This is a good guide for both parents and kids. These ways of earning money, are appropriate and safe for a child. They really can get a kid rich too! I hope for the best for whoever reads it! God bless! And best of luck doing these things.< Less
How to Get Rich (For Teens)(Not Just Smart Ones) By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
Hello teenagers. This book will help you! I know how it feels for a teen these days. You're aching for money to move out, and it seems everyone around you just because you are a teenager, thinks... More > you're blond and you can't earn a single dime. We'll they're wrong! And if they gloat on you all because of your age, they should go die. These, are seventeen real ways for a teen to become rich. They are real! You will be very exited about them! Getting a job is not the only way to make money. Make some REAL money without having to get pushed around at a job. These are seventeen very exiting ways to earn lots of money, such as, having a video game garage sale, selling online gaming accounts, recycling, how to get rich using Swagbucks, and all sorts of stuff any teenager can do. Early teens or late, with enough effort and persistence, any of these can be achieved by any teen. Just look at the preview! You might like this book.< Less

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