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M I D N I G H T By Alex Warner
eBook (PDF): $9.13
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Fictional account of the moving changes in the life of an amazing transsexual lady who calls herself Midnight, and who also is a Goth, and who also is a singer; key part of Andrella's three way... More > family.< Less
The Lost Generation By Alex Warner
Paperback: $16.04
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Story opens up with hell-fire! Or rather arrival night club, 'Hell', being set on fire. While Andrella tries to deduct who the arsonist is, her onw private life falls to pieces. While Witchatwar is... More > engaged indirect conflict between Fascists and Muslims until the whole place breaks down into anarchy. This is a review into how human relationships are conducted in moments of stress and crisis, and why decadence remains an ever popular solution when all else fails. Andrella as ever represents alternatives; she is bisexual, she is a man-eater, she is an anarchic and nothing and no one stands in her way.< Less
AngelHelp By Alex Warner
Paperback: $17.68
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Incestuous romance against a battleground between the overpowering Muslim Militia.
W A X By Alex Warner
Hardcover: $19.80
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Gothic thriller whereby a human spirit occupies the body of a mannequin, and then encounters Andrella.
Bleak By Alex Warner
Paperback: $20.13
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Pursued by the forces of darkness, where can Andrella run? Her whole world is closing in on her. And she is invovled in a pitch battle for her very survival. For how long can Andrella live on her... More > wits? Living in a world she finds hard to relate to; Andrella lives dangerously, she lives fro her music, and in each relationship she cannot avoid attracting the wrong kind of guy. Andrella is a beautiful enigma, she is a creature of the night. Everything about her is alternative. Could she be the start of a new movement of people who live very alternative lives?< Less
Bones By Alex Warner
Paperback: $20.72
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A romantic soul searching gothic thriller. Andrella and Insanity are transported to Iran by Saeed and have a family, but eventually are summoned back to Witchatwar as her fans miss her dearly.... More > Andrella struggles to find the right path for her, and we chronicle her adventures in this tale of enchantment.< Less