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The Druid's Daughter By Ross Richdale
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It is 320 AD and Hadrian's Wall separates Roman Britannia from the lands to the north where the village of Darbarri is located. There, Jelena is asked by her father Druid Floyd to travel south of the... More > wall into Roman territory to help the people in the village of Bramfield. It is a dangerous area for the new Roman emperor has declare that everyone living in the Roman Empire should convert to their new faith. For the Celtic, this means giving up their beliefs with numerous gods and practices. Druids are not welcomed in Roman lands anymore even though they had helped villagers for centuries. How do Jelena, friends and extended family cope? There is not one but two ruthless men on their trail while at the same time she must help villagers under her care and survive in the hostile Roman territory. She befriends many and alienates others in this exciting story of our ancient ancestors from almost one thousand, seven hundred years ago?< Less
Wisps of Cloud By Ross Richdale
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Karla Spicer finds her position as Senior Teacher at Tui Park Primary School in Wellington, New Zealand is hindered by the Associate Principal Val Cook who resents her progressive ideas. The... More > principal is an easy-going man drifting towards retirement who avoids controversy whenever possible. However, by supporting junior staff and parents Karla becomes a popular staff member. She dates Ryan Purdon, the school's janitor and he tells her about Top Plateau, a tiny school near his family farm where after problems, the principal is leaving. After being approached by the Ministry of Education, Karla agrees to take the acting principal's position there and Ryan goes with her to stay in his farmhouse. Tensions arise with a marijuana plantation discovered near the farm and a local bikie gang is suspected as the growers. However, potential enemies become friends and the trusted, untrustworthy. Karla is more than just a teacher striving to do the best for the children under her care.< Less

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