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A Carnival of Phantasms (Dark Fantasy, Fetish & Tentacles) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $4.99
You are cordially invited to an exclusive party shrouded in mystery and decadence. There is no guest list, and no address for the countryside mansion. Its guests are chosen by hand and know how to... More > find their way. It's a party where fantasy and reality blur into a night of pleasure and terror alike where guests mingle and swap partners among the most racy of fetish costumes and monstrous beings roam the halls. It's in this party that a group of friends will find the night turned from a strange, kinky party to a game with fear in those dark halls where things that shouldn't exist roam. There's more to this costumed Halloween party than meets the eye, and discovering the truths behind it may change their lives, if the group of friends can avoid what creeps in the night. Contains a range of content intended for a mature audience of 18 and over only. Please check the preview pages for more information.< Less
Her Wicked Webs (Spider-Monstergirl Femdom) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
There's a monster in the attic, a thing of myth. Eight legs, six eyes, a taste for classical music and long nights of passion. Declan Cooper has already been introduced to the refined lady, and taken... More > her potentially deadly kiss during an estranged party. He wakes now in a bed of the finest silk webs, the terrifyingly beautiful lady with the lower body of a black widow spider – Latrodia Variolus – tending for his recovery with motherly care. She'll see him back in health, but not back on his feet. The night has only begun. * Contains content intended for a mature audience of 18 and over only. Potentially unsuitable for people with a strong fear of spiders! Please check the preview pages for more information.< Less
Tied Up in Good Company (Lesbian BDSM Threesome) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
When Erica and Daniel (from Shoes of Glass) met the Mistress and pet couple Jessica and Kimberly (from Hot, Wet & Tied Up) at the elusive fetish party held in a remote countryside mansion, they... More > hadn't expected to end up dancing in the palm of Jessica's hand. Having left the main hall with Kim's leash in hand to guide her, that's exactly what's happening. With Daniel ushered out of the picture, Jessica can enjoy the rest of the night to the fullest – behind a closed door with her cuddly lesbian lover and the new girl she's tempted into submitting to the wilder side of pleasure. What began as sensual temptation, kisses and questions in A Carnival of Phantasms develops now into an intense night of shared pleasure the couple will ensure Erica never forgets.< Less
Shoes of Glass: The First Pledge (Femdom Erotic Romance) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Erica Nylund is a woman struggling with injuries that changed her world. When she stumbles across a man searching through her bag in the women's changing rooms, things change in ways neither would... More > ever have expected. Through him, Erica will discover a love for dominance, humiliation and control that may just begin to bring her body comfort. Through her, Daniel will discover a world of leather, lace and cross-dressing under a woman worthy of worship, when not hidden behind her defensive walls. His pledge may be the first step to bringing those walls down.< Less
Becca's Birthday Wish (May/December Daddy Daughter Incest) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Promises and birthdays are two important things in life, and some birthdays are to be celebrated more liberally than others. The man who became Becca's Daddy since she was little misses her... More > eighteenth and the promise she made with him, but a year later, she still hasn't given up on loving him. Now, it's Becca's nineteenth, and the devotion to that promise to keep herself for him hasn't faded. She may have had to kidnap him to get it, but her birthday wish is still to make him her first time, and maybe more. This year it will not be missed or denied her, and Becca will take that step into adulthood with him.< Less
Shibari Shower (Lesbian Bondage Erotica) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A steamy tale of a rope bondage loving mistress and her lesbian lover experimenting with a silly idea to spice up shower time by adding soap-dipped rope to the mix. Featuring light bondage, a... More > lifestyle of dominance, a little sadomasochism, and gratuitous, kinky lesbian sex. Jessica is a dominant woman with a loving submissive girl who enjoys all the kinky little things she gets done to her. Among them is getting tied up nice and tight in rope. Jessica has a plan for binding her pet in the shower now, and fully intends to give her the best scrubbing she's ever had till they're both squealing with orgasm and squeaking clean under the steamy gush of hot water that rinses sweat, sex and soap off them.< Less
A Boy's Secret vol.1 - The Delicious Trap (Gay Male Erotica) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Alex Hunt is a respectable manager of a fashion outlet on business in London infatuated with a red dress. What Alex doesn't realise until after he's invited to the owner's room and drawn to a... More > passionate embrace, is that he's had his eyes, hands and lips on another man. And he enjoyed it. By the end of the night, Alex will have found himself on his knees in submission to another man and guided gently into a whole new world of pleasure. None have ever made him feel as good as this effeminate, sexually talented prettyboy that stands over him is doing now. He could get used to enjoying such a delicious trap.< Less
Into the Femboy's Trap vol.2: Dominance (Gay Male Erotica) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Having fallen into the femboy's trap, businessman Alex Hunt is finding it hard to think of anything but the effeminate and pretty boy that has shown him a whole new world of pleasure. Daniel is even... More > starting to invade the man's memories and fantasies, but Alex's business in London is coming to a close. Knowing this, Daniel promises a night that Alex will never forget. Nothing will be held back, tonight.< Less
Soulflame vol.2 - The Stage (Sisters Incest Erotica) By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The year 1660 saw to a great many changes for England, including the rise of romantic fiction and female actors as the stage re-opens with Charles II’s restoration of the monarchy. The year... More > also sees the growth of the love and intimacy so recently sparked between the two adoptive sisters, Alice and Annabel Rendall. As history is made, auditions are beginning. Both on and off the stage, the sisters’ love for one another will be both shown and put to the test.< Less
The Lusty Dark Elven Maid: All In A Day By Leona D. Reish
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In the high reaches of Castle Olvang in the chilled Northlands, many servants and maids man the halls about their tasks. Milenna Nightwhisper is one among them, and whilst her expected duties range... More > from the mundane to the carnal and literally breathtaking, something feels missing from her days. The dark elven maid lusts for something more thrilling beyond the services expected of her. An overheard conversation will put the idea in her head, but without a means to get to it alone. Fortunate for her, someone or something is running free within the Keep that has no such trouble getting where it wants to be, but everything comes at a price, however small it may seem.< Less

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