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Dolly is a mother and a wife who commits suicide. Her five children are separated and find each other again when they are adults. The siblings want to know why their mother took her life so they... More > travel back in time in a time machine with stolen mind reading technology. Evonne, Dolly's daughter is guilty of crimes against her mother and steals a very important journal on arrival into the past, without reading it first. The vital information lost was the key to their escape, will they ever really know Dolly?< Less
The Poet and Magic of Life By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Paperback: $10.69
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The Poet and Magic of Life, is a book full of awe-inspiring Poetry and treasured Stories of a unique and personal journey. This book will uplift your spirits anytime of the day and take you to a... More > faraway place inside the realms of your imagination. This book also includes song lyrics. Collected here is the ultimate edition of the complete poetic works of Lenaaja— some of her tales and poems in one convenient, easy-to-use volume. A contrast of airy, light, deep, emotional and even humorous Poetry and Creative Writing shall attract your attention and keep you entertained. If you are a lover of dreams and fantasy you will adore this special Book.< Less
The Secret Healing Remedies of Native Americans By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Paperback: $15.26
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Native American Indians were amongst the most renowned for their gifts of Healing art, the power of their natural medicines and their unique ways to cure disease and ailments. The tribes in Native... More > America used diverse ways to heal and promote good health. In today's world the pharmaceutical companies promise they can deliver and when this fails, one can still turn to and utilize these old, ancient remedies to persevere and give a gift of Healing. These remedies have been proven successful over many years of study and knowledge by the wise men of the tribes. We are fortunate to know of this ancient wisdom that has been passed down from generations in the past.< Less
Chronicles Two Change the World By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Hardcover: $26.08
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Chronicles Two Change the World is a Memoir by Author Lisa-Marie Enaaja. The Author believes the metaphysical world around her is real, but doesn't know what it is exactly. She explores many... More > different ideas about what it could be. This book was written when she believed the voices and hallucinations were caused by a microchip implanted inside her body, or the secret government, illuminati with alien technology or nano technology.< Less
Chronicles Two Change the World By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
eBook (ePub): $3.82
In this Memoir, Chronicles Two Change the World the Author explores whether her condition is ESP and communicating with the other side, or certain celestial realms opposed to what doctors classify as... More > insane. Lisa-Marie explores the themes of science, religion, writing about Jesus Christ versus Magic, and hidden messages in the history of religion. While writing in detail everything the invisible voices say to her; she expresses ideas about what is really going on here in her metaphysical experiences. Is madness a touch of genius or is it a brain disease? It includes her earlier blog articles as well from the year 2013.< Less
A New Universe By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Hardcover: $23.71
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This Memoir is a personal expression of practicing Magic and mysterious communication with heaven and an Oracle. This book also teaches the art of spell writing and includes Lisa-Marie Enaaja's Blogs... More > & journals.< Less
A Story You Know, Two By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Hardcover: $21.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
"A Story You Know, Two is a fascinating Memoir. Lisa-Marie Enaaja describes "true love" and the challenges she must face. The Author communicates with a higher, superior realm of... More > being or "the other side" and must continually try not to lose touch with reality. Judged by practicing doctors as the mental illness, schizophrenia.< Less
As I Lift the Veil By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
Hardcover: $20.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
A unique Memoir by Lisa-Marie Enaaja, that will intrigue and heal readers world-wide. This book is one of the stepping stones used by Author Lisa-Marie Enaaja to come to a higher understanding of... More > insanity. Every book is a stepping stone and a spiritual breakthrough.< Less
A Novella, Short Story Book By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
eBook (ePub): $3.81
A Novella, Short Story Book; is an Amazing Collection of eight short stories and Lisa-Marie Enaaja's Best work. Unisex children's, teenager and adult's reading. If you enjoy fantasy and fiction then... More > this Book is for you! Stories included in "A NOVELLA" are Wizards of the Waterfall, Anabelle's Magik, Ava the Faerie Princess, The Enchanted Sorcerer, Asil and the Wallpaper, A Model's Dream, Stella and her Golden Locket and Insanity. Purchase Today and a very good Price!< Less
Ava the Faerie Princess By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
eBook (ePub): $3.05
Ava the Faerie Princess is a children's Book written in Poetry. It is about a lovely Faerie Princess in whom Mr Dove confides in to save Faerie Kingdom. Ava's parents have trained Ava to be a... More > successful leader, will her skills and knowledge be enough to regain control and win?< Less