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The Future Leader By John Teisen
Paperback: $33.80
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The Book of Daniel is God’s Blueprint for the Ages. Starting with Nebuchadnezzar's Dream, God reveals His plan for the future. Through various visions, and messages delivered by angels,... More > Daniel is shown what will happen in the Last Days and is then told to seal up the words. He is followed by Joel, Zechariah, Jesus Christ and the Apostles who all contribute their own overlays to the same story. Finally, like the roof on a building, the Apostle John presents the Book of Revelation, which only makes sense in the light of Daniel’s Blueprint and the additional detail provided by the other prophecies. At the centre of the story is the Future Leader who brings desolation on the earth in the final days. We are living in the Last Days now and we need to understand the prophecies and apply them to our lives. If we do not, we will pay a very high price. This book applies the prophecies to the current age and is written for the benefit of all who are looking for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.< Less
The Ezekiel War By John Teisen
Paperback: $9.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
It was more than 2,600 years ago that God warned Ezekiel of an invasion of Israel by Gog from the uttermost parts of the north. Fully armed and equipped for battle the ferocious hordes accompanying... More > him will invade Israel like a storm. It will be a David and Goliath encounter and without God's intervention Israel is done for. To date this invasion has not yet happened but the scene is now set for its fulfilment within a few years. As we watch events unfold in Syria's civil war and with Russia coming to defend its Government, we see the first of many hooks that God will use to drag the unwilling Superpower into the conflict. This is God's war, but it is not just to punish Gog. It is intended to challenge every man and every nation and to turn men back to Himself before an even worse disaster comes upon us all. Will we heed His message? This book examines the many facets of Ezekiel's prophecy and applies it to the age in which we live. We should take note because the message from God applies to us all.< Less
I will show you My Glory By John Teisen
Paperback: $8.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
As the author and his wife were preparing for a long overseas holiday, God unexpectedly told him that He would show him His Glory. In the midst of the tour, God’s revelation of His Glory was... More > surprising but had strong Biblical backing. This book is both personal testimony and Bible teaching on an aspect of God’s character that we have barely recognised. Whereas men cry out for God’s Glory to fall on them, God has a completely different perspective. His Glory is in the faithful lives and works of those who walk in obedience to His call and commands. During their travels in England and Israel, God led the author and his wife to many faithful servants who work in various roles on the frontline and behind the scenes in obedience to His call on their lives. The author then elaborates on God’s revelation with reference to examples in the Bible and in real life, clearly linking day to day Christian living to that which God glories in.< Less
The Days of Daniel By John Teisen
Paperback: $10.04
Prints in 3-5 business days
“The Days of Daniel” is written for those concerned about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, End Time events and the role of the Jews and Israel at this time in history. The book analyses... More > the periods of time mentioned in the Book of Daniel and applies them to real historical events. All stated periods, including “time, and times”, have real commencement dates and some have real end dates. End dates for periods that are not yet complete are suggested. The application of each period of time to Jewish history and Church history is described. The translation of key passages in Daniel from the original Hebrew and Septuagint provide additional insights into God’s messages to Daniel. One chapter is devoted to a narrative which describes the role of the Jews and of Jesus Christ in God’s plan of redemption. Issues associated with "the Prince who is to come" are raised. The final chapter focuses on how Jews and Christians might prepare for the challenging times ahead.< Less

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